Carpe Diem – Haibun – December 3, 2014

train station


Carpe Diem!  Running I caught the train at the last moment.  I hadn’t planned the trip, it was a vague idea the evening before after talking to my son, but the during the night the idea grew.  Waking up the idea was mature.

I grabbed my bag, threw in a change of clothes, my computer, wallet and phone.  I called my son whilst on the bus, telling him I’d arrive that morning.  Waiting for the regional train in Verona for Padua, a “freccia” for Venice pulled into the station it had a stop-over in Padua so I decided to take it instead, paying extra.  I arrived in Padua at 10:30 instead of noon.  We had a lovely day together my son and I, walking the streets of the city and then having dinner at an Indian restaurant.  After dinner we went home and watched “Doctor Who” on the computer then talked until around three in the morning.  The next morning we had breakfast at the train station and I returned home.  (The photo above was taken that morning as the “freccia” arrived in Verona).

Some of the most important decisions of my life were made on the spur of the moment … getting married, going to Italy, buying a house just to name a few. Of course, making a snap decision, can also be the first step in making a mistake.  On the other hand, often,  if you try to have all the facts before you make a decision, you might find that there’s no longer a decision to be made at all!  Life’s like that; an adventure, a triumph, sadness, tragedy but if you don’t seize the moment,  you just watch life pass you by, a passive spectator.

two roads divided
choosing where to go
Carpe Diem

(c) G.s.k. ’14

Film Quote Prompt:  “Carpe diem. Seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary”

~ Dead poets Society (Robin Williams)


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Friday Fictioneers: November 8, 2013

This is Friday Fictioneers inspiring photo of the week!

Copyright-Al Forbes

Copyright-Al Forbes

The Message

Walking down the grassy knoll the wind blew her hair around her face as she re-read the message.

“…so you see, there’s really no possibility for us.”

She’d re-read that message over and over, two years of love ended in a text message.

Pain hit her suddenly. The young man picked himself up.

“Oh! Meagan! You ok?”

“Fine.” Though she wasn’t.

“I was hoping to run into you, I wanted to know you better.” He grinned.

“Well you did that!” she smiled for the first time in a month.

They limped to the coffee kiosk. She put her phone away.

Word count: 100

On Carpe Diem

Has it ever happened that you suddenly seem to be surrounded by an incredible cycle of coincidences?  I mean how often do people go around saying or writing: Carpe Diem…

1) I said to a blogging friend the other day, that the best thing to do  in order to photograph wild animals is to walk around with his camera and then Carpe Diem (or something like that anyway).

2) I came across an article not 5 minutes after he’d asked me what Carpe Diem meant…it was about a very nice strawberry champagne cocktail called Carpe Diem…of course I linked to him.

3) Twice that same day…2 other people who knew nothing about this conversation came up with a hearty Carpe Diem during two separate conversations…

4) I just read a lovely Haiku and…yes! Carpe Diem once again.

Could this be global Carpe Diem week????

And here is my Haiku:

Believe it or not…

All the world’s saying this week

 a loud Carpe Diem!!!

(And it’s not a bad idea either)