Carpe Diem’s Like A Pebble #1 (2) – August 1, 2015

a chestnut
thrown from his tiny young hand
token of spring
floating in the water
on the shore a chestnut sprouts

© G.s.k. ‘15


Laughter resonates through the city park. The trees starting to become colorful, leaves decaying slowly and rustle in the wind. I smell the sweet perfume of decay and wet earth. The sun shines brightly sometimes hiding behind darkening clouds. A few meters in front of me my grandchildren are playing in an amount of fallen leaves.
“Look granddad!”
My youngest grandson shows me a chestnut he has found.
“Awesome Sem”, I respond.
I kneel in front of him. The chestnut is almost glowing in the sunlight and as I look closer I can see a faint reflection of my face on the shining skin of it.
“That’s a beauty Sem. Where did you find it?”
He points to the leaves. His two brothers are laughing aloud and are throwing with the colored leaves. It looks like it is raining leaves.
After a while we walk further through the park. It starts raining. Raindrops are falling, painting circles in the pond. the circles are slowly widening, becoming larger and larger. The circling waves finally faint away, but the rain makes new ones over and over again until … the rain has stopped and the sun appears from behind the, now rainless, clouds. At the Western horizon the colors of an ending day become visible.
I take my grandsons by the hand and we walk home. As we cross a bridge Sem stops takes his chestnut out of his pocket and throws it into the water.
“Look granddad … my chestnut makes circles.”

This second post was written for:

Carpe Diem’s Like A Pebble #1, a new feature

I misunderstood the prompt and wrote to the picture and not to Chèvrefeuille’s description of a scene which was to be used to create a new haiku/tanka … this is a correction of my former post.

Carpe Diem’s Like A Pebble #1 – August 1, 2015

  The chaos of the night in a big city, glaring lights and the throb of traffic.  Like in the over-populated scenes of “Blade Runner” a world where humanity sits in a world gone critical in the aftermath of industrialization.  Passion in desperation for life is always passionate unless depressed.  Confusion.

thrumming softly
heart-beat of the city
this sleepless night
traffic like restless leaves swoosh
past my open window

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for:

Carpe Diem’s Like A Pebble #1, a new feature

If I understood the post correctly, we are to write the impressions we receive from the photo prompt and from these impressions write a new haiku or tanka.  An interesting new approach introduced by Chèvrefeuille in this new feature … Like a Pebble.