Just a Note … May 14, 2015



I’ve been back home since Tuesday evening and though I thought that I’d be back to normal in a jiffy, this hasn’t been the case.  Of course there was the normal unpacking and re-organizing to do, who would have imagined that the washing machine would go on the blink!  Finishing the second load of washing (still two to go) the pump didn’t pump out the water and I found myself fighting an impromptu waterfall.

opening the washer
instant Niagara falls
in the laundry-room

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday trying to write a couple of prompts for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai .. and I was not exactly sure what the host wanted … so I read the one line for each day in the monthly schedule to try to figure out which haiku by Basho I was to use and went searching in Google.  That takes a lot more time then inventing your own prompt like on Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie … but I had more or less two prompts ready last night … the only thing missing was the link app, which I resolved this morning thanks to Jen who told me to go and register for my very own blue frog (come to think about it, I already had a blue frog registration … ah the beauty of panic).

searching out Basho
through a cyber-maze
in late spring

The research was interesting though and I learnt a lot about Basho’s famous 1689 journey as well as some interesting points on haiku technique, so I’m very pleased about the experience.  I also came across some great on-line books and found a couple of well written doc and pdf files that I downloaded.  The only real hang-up was that I’d wanted to use a YouTube video for one of the posts and discovered that I didn’t know how to do that with Blogger yesterday (though I’m sure I did just that on my Blogger page!) … and I really had no time to bother with it, so I left out the video.

learning and writing
some frilly complications
get left behind

Reading the prompt on CDHK this morning, I discovered that I should post the May 15th prompt on CDHK today … for this evening to be exact.  Yikes!  But that’s a special, I said to myself,  am I supposed to write the special … seems I am, so I did a little research and came up with the poet and the ku .. whoosh!  But ladies and gentlemen, the job is done and scheduled!

post the fourteenth
for the fifteenth is wise
a Buson special

Of course, as we know, today is Thursday … and that means that I have my English Conversation Group this evening and I had no reading or videos for the group.  Presto fatto as the Italians say … I took part of the material I used for the CDHK post, Basho’s 1689 trip and created a six page travelogue – the first part of the piece I dedicated to Basho’s 156 day trip and the second part is about the Appalachian Trail and Bill Bryson’s book “A Walk in the Woods”.

chatting in English
about summer travelling
with Bryson and Basho

Now … although I should read and comment my fellow bloggers as well as post a few things that I’ve neglected (and won’t post) and I should get my photos edited from the San Giorgio trip I just came back from but I’m flat-out.  I have to go to the laundromat and who feels like doing that either.  And to think, there are some people who think that writing is a lazy person’s pass-time.

all things will be done
that are destined to be done
nothing else

Ciao for now,  Bastet