Prompt 52: The Perfect Crime! (At the Akashic Library Story)

“….and then and then, they threw me into the well!” the poor white cat meowed.

Bastet comforted the poor cat who was now dry and fluffy again.  She looked at Anubis with a dark scowl!

“Hey Bast, don’t take your furry fury out on me now!  I only bring them here!”

Bastet comforted the cat some more, frowning and mumbling, she was very distraught.  Sekhmet came along about then and looked at Bastet in surprise.  Bastet was always such a mild-mannered Goddess.

“Whatever has gotten into you!  You look like someone threw water on you or something?”

“Something…this is another example of how the world is going to the dogs!” she said as she told the story of Fluffy’s ordeal.

“Oh for My Sake!  The next thing you know they’ll be burning cats again or throwing them from towers!” Sekhmet roared!

“No, no dear…nothing like that at all!  This is common criminality of the K-9 type.”

“Yes, yes of course you’re right…the poor humans were upset.  Well, we must do something about this.  Can’t have them getting away with murder like this, why it’s nearly the perfect crime!”

“My thoughts exactly.  Those Boxer and Boof are pretty much witless, so I suppose I’m going to have to teach this Sam a lesson, though they all should answer for this I think!”

“Hmmm…I’ve got an idea?” and she began to speak in a low voice.

“Anubis … could you come here for a sec?” Sekhmet and Bastet cooed.

Anubis was laying on a chaise-longue nearby and at that moment, got the feeling he should have been somewhere else.

Later that afternoon Anubis returned to the Akashic Library, a little shaken up, he reported to the Goddesses that the job had been done.

That night, down in the land called Australia, Cerberus paid a visit to three murderers … and took each one off in each one of his mouthes back to the river Styx…a good thing for the fluffy white kitten that their humans had just brought home.

Cerberus, as illustrated by Gustave Doré in Dante's Divine Comedy...Wikimedia Commons

Cerberus, as illustrated by Gustave Doré in Dante’s Divine Comedy…Wikimedia Commons

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Prompt 53 – The Perfect Crime and to Morpethroad (link above on the word story), without who’s story this would not have been possible 😉  I’d also like to thank Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons for existing!