Renga me, I’ll Renga you – July 3, 2014

Many, many long years ago, I read James Cavell’s ‘Shogun’. I was fascinated by the medieval Japanese culture he presented in his story from Bushido to Renga.  That’s right, though he never used the word renga (that I remember … we’re talking about 30 years ago so hard to tell) there’s a scene where a group of samurai are playing renga.

What is renga?  Simple … one person recites or in our case, writes, a haiku (known back then as a hokku) the next person furnishes a conclusion – two 7 syllable lines – then to keep the game going he/she creates another haiku, which may or may not be about the same subject (which is established at the beginning of the game).  When one writes this all alone, by the way, it is a tanka or kyoka, depending on whether it is serious or mundane.

So … does anyone want to renga with me?  Here’s my haiku and I’m not tying any one to a specific subject.  If there are enough replies, I will post the results separately.

cool summer evening
stars twinkling like lightning-bugs
a flash of lightning