Memories of Innocence – Trinet – October12, 2015

Collage 8

Memories of Innocence

in my secret garden
where once I wished on stars
a dream
now gone

© G.s.k. ‘15

Note:  the form is a Trinet (7 lines with word counts of 2,2,6,6,2,2,2).

Written for: Writing Prompt #128 “Collage 8″

Childhood Beliefs – Choka – August 9, 2014


As a little girl I thought:
“If I hide my eyes …
I’m sure that you can’t see me
Without hearing cries
Then everyone is happy
Trees in the forest
Never fall I’m really sure
By hiding in the dark
No one will ever find me
How I see the world
Is how the world will see me
Fairy tales truly
Depict the world around me …

Now at sixty-two
Closing my eyes tight
Just means that I can’t see you …
I needn’t see pain
To know that people suffer
Bombs fall in droves
Though I’ve never seen them
Darkness hides nothing
The light is all around us
I may think you’re grand
But you might still despise me
Fairy Tales are lies
Social indoctrination …

I know that death’s around me
That time is an illusion
Hiding away from sickness
Won’t make illness go away
Some illusions still remain
Beliefs from my childhood days
Half hidden here in my heart
For a somber rainy day