Night Demons – Free Verse Fairy Poem

When the night demons visit
Things go bump in the dark,
No lamp-light can dispel them
No music distract them …
They creep under your bed,
They wiggle inside your head,
And if you’re not careful …
They might bite your feet.
These are not pretty bright fairies
Nor sprites, cherubs or kami …
Closer to goblins from Mordor
Quite terrible mites!
So when you lay down at night,
First look under your bed …
Pull your sheets round you tight
Keep your feet under the covers
(Never let them dangle over,
You never can tell, can you?)
And, sleep tight, now nighty night.

100wcgu-7Written for: 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #131
I came across this prompt on Morpethroad!