OctPoWriMo 2015 – Acrostic – October 1, 2015


Story Book Heroes

Standing there bravely
Tall and thin by day
On my bookshelf they waited
Ready for me
Youthful readers
Bound in gold and red
One about a  princess
One an over worked maid …and
Knights in shining armour
Heralding mighty kings –
Earnest and honest
Riding white steeds –
Onward we travelled
Each evening at bed time
Staving off dangers as I fell asleep.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Hello Folks … here we are again – October – and I’ve decided once again to participate in the OctPoWriMo and you can read about how to participate and find some great prompts by clicking the link above which will lead you to the OctPoWriMo home page. For more Acrostic poems go HERE.

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Bastet’s Prompt: Power Short – 5 September 2013

Black Cat's Vacation

Black Cat’s Vacation

Black Cat’s Vacation

The Black Cats went on vacation.  They went to a lovely town on the sea.  During the day, they swam and wind surfed, in the evening they went to eat ice cream at a side-walk café.

Mamma Black Cat said one evening, “Look at the moon!  How I’d like to go there!”

Papà Black Cat thought for a while, then he created a special boat!  He put the mast of the wind surf in the middle and hoisted the sail.

That night there was a mysteriously strong wind!

It was Papà Black Cats’ wind sailing his family to the moon.

Written for the Bastet’s Writing Prompt on the 13th Floor Paradigm.