The Chimera – Chained Tanka – September 26, 2016

in the darkest hours
heed not the famished wolf
calling from the wild
seek out the soft loving moon
and turn your heart to song

in the darkest night
the spider weaves its web
with honeyed words
trapping the guileless fly
in the stickiness of lies

poisoned these waters
though they seem a mystic balm
a foul chimera
stands by the crystal fountain
with sharp-edged teeth

Rumi warns the maids
of the false lover’s night song
even as the jackal
prey upon the innocent
so does the serpent’s words

heed not siren’s songs
fill your soul with soft bee’s wax
sail to safer shores
seek out the bright moon’s glow
awaiting the light of dawn

© G.s.k. ‘15