Chinook – Tanka – August 30, 2014

land of northern lights
in the dead of winter’s freeze
from the pacific
blows the warming chinook
bringing comfort for a few days

warming sunless days
Anchorage greets the chinook
taking off parkas
glorying in the brief noon light
a reminder of summer

Written for Oliana

If I can get my connection back I will publish this and then try to link Oliana’s post.

The Arsenal – Ligo Haibun

Ligo Haibun

Ligo Haibun

“..and we’ll make a mountain of ’em!” said James as he rolled his perfect snowballs.

“Yeah, and won’t they be surprised!  We won’t have to wait to throw…they’ll see! This time we’ll wipe ’em out!” confirmed Stephen.

The boys rolled their snowballs stock-piling then up along the protective fence of their “fortress”.  They worked far into the evening in preparation for the next day’s battle, due to begin at 9:00, when their cousins would come home from their weekend stay at  Eagle River.

When it got too dark to work they went inside the house…and continued planing for the great battle.  Eventually they calmed down and passed the rest of the late afternoon and evening playing “Okami” on their Wii.

During the night, the weather changed…and up from Japan came the chinook and by morning most of the snow was gone.

where is the future
where is the planned tomorrow
chinook melted snow

Written for Ligo Haibun Challenge Picture Prompt