A poem for my sons – Woman (Choka) – March 8, 2015


first light upon life’s dawn
first arms of comfort – first food
first to see your talents
first to know your longing and needs
she’s the font and well
first conscious and first guide

and growing you’ll find
another who will walk with you
know her talents well
enjoy her strength and power
combine your efforts
to walk this life proud and tall

growing remember
the two wings of life’s story
she and he unite
together you are equals
ready to walk free and brave

© G.s.k. ‘15


Today is International Woman’s Day.  There is actually so much to be written on this subject that it’s hard to choose just one aspect.  We know that women in many parts of the world do not even have the minimum respect due to a human being .. in other’ parts of the world, condensation towards woman is nauseating.

My gut feeling is that women are no better and certainly no worse than any man who walks this Earth.  The day that we understand that each sex has its particular aspects and talents which compliment each other will be a great day indeed.  The need to prevaricate about woman’s strength, to dominate her, to humiliate her –  in my mind is only a sign of the lack of self-confidence, the need to dominate at least someone and bad upbringing …

I believe that dear sisters, we, in this special age and in the privileged condition of our Western Culture in regards to human rights (believe it or not rather rare not only in our times but in all of human history) are free if we feel free. The main factor for creating harmony and understanding (education) among the sexes is in our hands … we are the mothers, the first guides and teachers,  who often spoil our sons giving them their direction in life.

Of course there are cultures that still see woman as a god-given chattel, a demon to corrupt men, a slave given to man for his usage … and it will take even more time to get to at least the minimum level of acceptance of woman’s talents and her right to exist in her own right in these cultures, there is no easy formula … no ABC’s to human understanding between the sexes … especially as it seems the world leaders have found no formula or ABC’s of how to live together on this planet without killing each other … Bastet

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Dawn thoughts – An owl .. and little seriousness – February 25, 2015

 rumble chop chop chop …
the helicopter flies low
an owl screeches


the owl flies madly
around the empty court-yard
screeching loudly
alighting on a roof top
it preens its feathers


wind rumbles my roof
swooshing through the valley
clear skies at dawn


so many questions
crowd my mind this morning
what’s reality
emptiness between atoms
emptiness in space
yet … the universe dances
does god exist …
a primal force with a plan
or man’s creation:
the lonely fearful hunter
sitting whittling wood
said, I made this bow, it’s good
who made this world …
many illusions
that we think of as logic
are just fantasies
these thoughts patterns ideas
swirl in early dawn’s first light


the owl on the roof
looks around at the sun rise
his calm restored

© G.s.k. 15

Friday Fictioneers – Charon’s Boat (Choka) – January 23, 2015

haunting vision
Charon rows along the Styx
eternal night

(haiku) G.s.k. ‘14

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Georgia Koch

Credits: G.s.k. ’14 (Georgia Koch)


Charon’s Boat – Choka*

Down the River Styx
Across the wide Acheron,
Charon rows his boat
Through the eternal dark night.
Pay the rower well,
A silver coin or better …
Or remain ashore
For a hundred lonely years.

The old boat awaits
Each creature great or small,
Somber and dark
In lapping hungry waters.
Long, the starless night,
Sail to the gates of Hades
(If life’s been ill spent)
or to bright Elysium.

Down the River Styx
Across the wide Acheron
Charon rows his boat
Through the dark starless night
When Thanatos takes your hand.

G.s.k. ‘15


* Choka is an ancient form of Japanese Poetry, once used for Epic subjects or to tell a story.  They were often very long and sung. The form is composed of ‘short – long’ lines (or 5-7 syllable count) alternatively, ending with an extra ‘long’ line (or 7 syllables) which informs the reader that the poem has reached its conclusion.

Friday Fictioneers

This photograph is the first process of four versions (plus the original) which I took last year in Padua, the famous University city in Veneto (Italy) where Galileo taught way back when.  The boat isn’t  in the best of conditions in fact it seems semi-abandoned.  Here’s the fourth and final entry which shows all the processes from the “One Four Challenge” sponsored by Robyn of Captivate Me.

I’d like to express a special thanks to  Rochelle for using the photograph for this week’s “Friday Fictioneers” and hope everyone found something to inspire them through it.  Georgia

Morning Haiku and Waka – January 11, 2015

foggy lake_small

the cockerel crow
pierces through the ghostly mist
morning bells
muffled like my inner song
ring melancholy tones


billowing fog
envelopes the lake and trees
silent ducks swim


Mirage Choka – a memory

in winter’s depth
cold fog blankets Mantova
the cold penetrates
coming through the walls like ghosts
like old sadness
sitting at the wobbly desk
my mind wanders
to the warmth of Africa
remembering heat
I escape the here and now
for a mirage of summer

© G.s.k. ‘15

Sunday Whirl – The Last Harvest Moon (Choka) – December 1, 2014

The Last Harvest Moon – Choka

as the breeze picks up,
canes rattle in harmony –
red leaves scattered
fall in the river and drown.
the monk bent with age,
walks along the road thinking
his secular thoughts
the splendor of youth now gone,
he gathers courage
to face another winter.
his arthritis plain,
his skin yellow and brittle …
then, a finch warbles
a cat rubs against his legs
he smiles down sweetly.

the last harvest moon
outlines the withered bent stalks
he walks and gazes
gathering the cold omens
whispered in the winter wind.

(c) G.s.k. ’14

I’ve just read the Carpe Diem Haiku Kai prompt for the first prompt of December entitled “accepting the finite” and have decided to link this choka, which speaks of the acceptance of the coming of “winter” and death.


harvest, secular, splendor, breeze, able, scattered, plain, skin, bent, gaze, gathering, rattle

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Bastet’s Poetry Prompt: Choka

I like Japanese poetry…guess you all know that by now.  I like the essentialness of the form.  So, I went to look up other types of Japanese poetry to see if there might be something more to learn!

I came across a great site which I’m enjoying very much, and I thought I’d try some of these different forms. And would prompt you to do so also!

This one will be in the Choka or the long poem form and is the most classical of the Choka forms…I will be following the form used by Teagan…it’s a group of  5-7-7-5-7-7-5-5-7.

The Moth

there is no freedom
escaping from my cocoon
I must seek you once again
I am drawn to you
like a moth to a candle
circling nearer and nearer
the deadly flame calls
now my wings are scorched
why must my nature be so?





sandbox in the park
kids building fragile castles
others make a lovely cake
someone starts a fight
sand goes flying in the air
mothers quickly intervene
the children laughing
seem only to say
mothers should learn how to play!

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