TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Star – December 20, 2015


this starless tree
awaiting winter solstice
its crown of glory

© G.s.k. ‘15

It’s been traditional in my family that the “man of the house” puts the star on the Christmas tree once it has been completely decorated.  Usually we put up our tree on the 8th of December, in Italy that is the Feast of Annunciation of Jesus’ birth to the Virgin.  This year, however, I put the tree up later than usual, and am awaiting my son who will arrive tomorrow, the 21st of December, Winter Solstice, to place the star on the tree.

winter evening
hanging stars around the house
bright Christmas cheer

 © G.s.k. ‘15

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Star

Morning Haiku and Waka – December 25, 2014


snow drifts_3

Merry Christmas

snow falls
wind builds high drifts
white Christmas morn dawns
in my childhood mind’s eye


opening gifts
Styrofoam snows ’round the room
white Christmas


this pink dawn
everyone is sleeping
maybe dreaming
old Christmas carol crooner
sings of cold snowy sleigh rides

© G.s.k. ‘14

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Days of Christmas – Choka – December 23, 2014


candles burn bright
Christmas trees twinkle
symbols of rebirth
in dark days of winter
school children home
play in snow-covered lawns
an old beggar stands
alone homeless and cold
angels smile sweetly
on a street corner at dawn
in newspapers
words of peaceful harmony
on the radio
sweet carols play day and night

Christmas card scenes
melt under the heat of hate
we know too well
the children are being good
anxiously awaiting gifts

(c) G.s.k. ’14

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In a world where aggressiveness and competition are exalted as positive qualities and the meek peace-loving people are considered weak we are always just one step from hell so let us chant throughout the year:


Om purifies bliss and pride (realm of the gods); Ma purifies jealousy and need for entertainment (realm of the jealous gods); Ni purifies passion and desire (human realm); Pad purifies ignorance and prejudice (animal realm); Me purifies greed and possessiveness (realm of the hungry ghosts); Hum purifies aggression and hatred (hell realm).

A Casual Beggar – Wordleing (Prose) – December 9, 2014

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Leave no stone upturned was Mishima’s motto.  If there’s an easy way to turn a sou, then he would not spare any efforts to find it.

There, in the capitol of a large European country, the Christmas lights and decorations iced the city as though it were a feverish Christmas card.  He looked around him and saw that near the revolving doors of almost all the large department stores there was a beggar dressed up like Father Christmas with a basket at his feet and a bell in his hand.  Mishima took some photographs, not because he wanted a souvenir of this trip, but to use as the key for his next fund-raising activity.

In a fever of anticipation, Mishima went and bought himself a cheap Father Christmas costume, a wicker basket and a hand bell.  Then he went back to his five-star hotel to change.  Dressed in this fashion, he left his hotel to become a beggar for an afternoon.  He’d always heard that one could make a lot of money begging and he felt that he should capitalize on the situation himself.

He discovered though,  that he could not just casually walk up to any store and start begging.  Most of the more profitable places had already been taken and the in situ beggars immediately invited him, in no uncertain terms, to push-off.

Finally near a traffic light, he found a place which no one had colonized.  He was feeling pretty cold and bedraggled by now – his lips were chapped and he had visions of hot chocolate dancing in his head.

After an hour or so, he’d accumulated just over 2 euro, and he was thinking that begging probably wasn’t as easy as he’d thought,  when up came a hydrogen blonde in an ecological mink coat.  He’d seen her in his hotel just the night before and had been wondering how he might get to know her and invite her to go out with him.

She stood at the red light, eyeing him with suspicion and even when the light changed, she stayed there staring at him.

“Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” she finally asked him.

“Uhm … maybe in front of Saks – Ho! Ho! Ho?” he replied a little embarrassed.  Perhaps she did recognize him after all and his mind was feverishly working on some excuse to explain what he was doing there begging on a street corner.

“No … I don’t think so.” she studied him for a few moments more, then her eyes lit up in recognition.  “But you’re Mishima Marconi the millionaire photographer, aren’t you?”

He turned as red as his costume and at first thought he’d deny who he was, but then decided to admit it saying:

“Uhm, yes, I’m doing a study on the beggars in the capitol of this country.” He elaborated then, making the excuse sound not only plausible but in some way noble.  “Why don’t we go and have a cup of hot chocolate and I’ll tell you all about my project?”

He opened his exhibition dedicated to European beggars in New York that summer, the first photos were of that Santa beggar near the department store he’d taken that fateful day.  He and Maryam  were married 6 months later …

© G.s.k. ‘14

The wordle contains 12 words those words are:
1. Stone 2. Casual 3. Spare 4. Traffic 5. Block 6. Beggar 7. Chapped 8. Fever 9. Key 10. Hydrogen 11. Revolving 12. Souvenir

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie

The Spirit of Christmas – Naani and Shadorma – December 9, 2014

A group of street beggars dressed as metal statues sit in downtown Rome, Italy, on December 19, 2012. Photo: AFP

Photo Credits – A group of street beggars dressed as metal statues sit in downtown Rome, Italy, on December 19, 2012. Photo: AFP – South China Morning Post

In the cold lonely streets
Beggars ask for charity –
The fur covered ladies
Are generous at Christmas

Don’t pretend
Be honest within
Aren’t Christmas decorations
They’re a way of life

© G.s.k. ‘14

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Haiku Medley: December 23, 2013

Haiku Medley

December 23, 2013

foggy wet morning
clouds laying leaden and grey
wet crows – barking dog

barking dog and bells
greet this lovely wet morning
christmas tree lights shine

winter solstice over
days should be growing longer
snow is in the air

season greetings
exorcising the sadness of winter
cin cin folks

where is sadness
show me its color and form
reflect on illusion

smiling faces
photographic magic trick
eternal happiness


Christmas tree music box

Christmas tree music box

Back in 1974, I lived in Asmara, what was then Ethiopia.  Because it’s on a high plateau, it has one of the most wonderful climates in the world…eternal spring.  Cold enough in the “winter” to wear a light jacket in the evenings.

It was my first Christmas in a really warm country since back in the mid 50s when I was a kid: I spent 3 years in the Philippines where my father, who was in the USAF,  was stationed.

I’ve always had this thing for Christmas and the tree with all the decorations.  Of course, there were no proper trees to be had, but I was able to find a close imitation, a cypress tree, at the tree nursery which suited me to a tee.

I made paper gingerbread men, tiny gift packages and other ornaments to decorate the tree.  They had to be light weight because the branches were just too subtle and bent under the weight of my real glass ornaments!  I strung the lights first around the center of the tree.  Again it was a blessing that the Italian Christmas lights weren’t like the big  American lights with their splendid but heavy light bulbs.  And then I frosted the tree in tinsel icicles.

I made a fireplace too, out of heavy cardboard, covering it with brick designed contact paper and creating an artificial fire with papier-mache logs, colored tissue paper, a small fan to make the “fire” move and a small red-orange light bulb for warmth…there I hung the stockings that I’d made. and put candles on the “mantle”. Of course I made oodles of colored chains out of construction paper and hung them in upside down arches on the ceiling as well as around the doors and windows

My rocking chair sat by the fireplace, and I’d sit there as my kids played on a rug on the floor, listening to Christmas carols, just pretending it was snowing outside.  I read them the “Night Before Christmas” and “A Christmas Carol” but they were little bits and I don’t think they followed the stories very well.

We had friends over very often and and everyone admired my little flight of imagination and illusion. On Christmas Eve we had a party.  Popped sparkling wine at mid-night and exchanged gifts.

Once they had all gone home..”Santa” came to put the kid’s toys under the Christmas tree.

I remeber it as the happiest Christmas we’d ever had or would have together, because for ideological reasons too complicated to explain here it was the last Christmas celebration with a tree we had until 1987, when I again began to put up the Christmas tree…but that is another story.

Huitain with Haiku: Christmas

My Fireplace

Huitain with Haiku


‘Tis a glorious time you know,
With the children laughing with play
Romping,  jumping in the cold snow!
Joyous,  they await Christmas day
And for Santa in his red sleigh.
We’ll decorate the tree tonight,
In our cosy warm firelit chalet,
All will be so happy and bright!

warm Christmas tidings
though the snow may be high now
our hearts will be warm

I’ve written this for the Poet’s Corner Christmas Poem Challenge!

Important Note!  (The poem form was inspired to me by someone who wrote two Huitain and Haiku the other day.  I’m terribly sorry, I read and commented so much that I don’t remember who you are.  If you read this and comment, I’ll link your credits to you!  Thanks!)