Free Verse: backward society

Free Verse:

backward society

how we love pigeon holing everything…
define and refine down to complete irrelevancy…
perhaps, females needed male’s protection
when we were closer to our simian cousins…
living hand to mouth
enlightenment wanted equality
to enjoy the advantages
of evolution
we need a revolution
in human mind-set.

This verse was written in reply to comments made on the Arkside of Thought


Ghazal: Fences of Segregation

pole fence

Walking down the wooded lane, a fence, man’s separation,
I pondered of our need for a form of segregation.

Myth would have it that God punished disobedient humanity,
Exiled from our birthplace, closed off, in a form of segregation.

Men created ghettos and concentration camps in Europe,
Keeping the holy from the damned, a form of segregation.

South Africa for years created “home lands” by constitution,
Keeping whites “safe” from “Bantu”, brutal, a form of segregation.

Now Bastet observes our modern age and sees that god is profit.
Subtle our enlightened age but still a form of segregation.


I tried the Ghazal again…however, it still comes out somber. So be it.  I did however find an interesting site which by clicking HERE you can see an illustrated how to in writing a Ghazal.  I discovered that the repeated phrase or word is called a radif and the last word of the first line that rhymes with the radif is called a qaafiya.  Each couplet is a stand alone poem and there’s no need to have them “tell a story”.  Each couplet has to have the same number of syllables in each line.

Ghazal: War

Today, thanks to TJ Therien, I was reminded of a form of poetry I very much enjoyed in my youth.  Most of you may know that the first ten years of my adult life I spent in different parts of Africa, and had the opportunity to meet some very interesting people, many were Africans of course but there were also many people who had come from the Middle East: Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Palestine, as well as some North Africans, specifically Egyptians.

It was basically through the Persians (Iranians nowadays) that I came to love and enjoy Rumi and Hafiz two Sufi poets.  Only today did I realize what poetry form they used!

Unfortunately, my first Ghazal poem, perhaps because of many of the memories that are linked to those days, is about war.  Many of my Muslim friends then and now, are immigrants, seeking peace because their countries are racked with war.  Here then is my first Ghazal:



Would walking down a darkened path lead us to a brighter day?
Or pounding breasts in anger and heat lead to a better way?

Will sharpening your butcher knife make you a better person?
Or drawing your bow-string lead you to love and a better way?

What is the logic behind the senseless vengeance, all the killing?
Bombing sleeping villagers who die unwilling…a better way?

Would the prophets glory in the carnage wrought in their name?
Or cover their heads in ashes praying for a better way?

What’s the sense speaking of love and harmony when we only hate?
Our words more important than reality:  is this the better way?

Questions haunt Bastet’s mind, accompanying her walk through life.
Watching men’s hatred and ideals showcased as a better way!

Free Verse: Nature Of Revolving Doors

Free Verse

Nature of Revolving Doors

Revolving doors
they’re so fascinating
round and round
they go
like a carousel
they’ve taught though
of something
I’d never thought before
that the nature of
the revolving door.

No end and no beginning
just a circular spin
you leave off
where you started
around without end
you just go on
one man’s power
with another’s
this seems to be the destiny
of past great

just please find for me
a new door for contemplation
I’d like to find
Evolving doors
the nature of evolution,
for to my mind
there’s something
useful here…
for I’m sure that
just lead

Politically Correct

Daily Prompt: P.C.

Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us USEFUL.


Politically Correct

The moral censors
would have you think
that by changing
you’ll overcome
your prejudice
you’ll find
a new censor’s faction
not worried
nudity or sex
(well not much)
but your speech
searching you out
to see
if you say the proper
so as not to offend:
the foreigners,
the farmers,
the handicapped,
the homosexuals,
blacks, whites greens, yellows
and country fowl!
Plain spoken speech
replaced by
new speak
the grammar Gestapo
to do his duty:
snuff out your
with convoluted

What would be more useful
is an inner change
not a new Moralizing
word game
that superficially
tries to hide
the pettiness
of clods with
feelings of superiority.

The Community Storyboard Prompt: The Stranger

Community Storyboard Prompt: Stranger

The Stranger

some people looked and sniggered
never having seen such a sight
his clothes were so strange
his hair and eyes so different
he walked too stiffly
he talked too loudly
the children, wanted to touch him
the old ladies just gawked
whispered they, as he drove off
in that strange horseless carriage
a dusty but new Land-Rover.

Tanka: Church and State

church and state

church and state so close
looking at one another…
sheltered people live
ignoring their long shadows
influenced but unaware

N.B. this photograph was taken in the center of Arco…the city council building on the right and the church on the left beside each other, the white umbrellas protect the customers of a caffè from the sun.

Just a Note: 29 July 2013

Hello World!


What a week! I had some great days writing-wise and was very happy to let the photos slide for a bit.  I’ve been doing a lot of the latter, basically to promote my weekly posts at Pixelventures over at We Drink Because We’re Poets.  I’ve been playing around a lot there, but it has taken its toll in my writing, which is not so good from my point of view.  Of course artistic expression in any form is still a way to get our thoughts across to a world that doesn’t know who we are or how we think…still.  I’ll be talking about a particularly interesting evening (for me) that I had the last week with a Senryu…


one breath, two steps

Photo in homage to Shainbird’s poem

Now, this should be a concept that isn’t new to anyone.  We’ve all heard the word and have our ideas about what collaboration is.  And, as the bard said…there’s the rub!

My idea of direct collaboration with someone is that we work in concert…an oboe with a flute as it were.  Each contributing with their form of art to create two individual posts…posted simulaniously…linked together and promoted by both for each other.  During the working stages…there’s communication and each shows the other what they’re doing.  This was my experience with Shainbird and it was an enjoyable experience…I most certainly learned a few new tricks too!

I don’t like one way streets.  To me that isn’t collaboration, that’s just, well, a one way street.

Over the months I’ve worked with other people’s photos, like Leanne Cole‘s, her work inspired a flash fiction and a poem.  I’ve done a few of articles for Pixelventures, which many of you have read.  Every once in a while, I’ve written a poem or power short inspired by comments or by a fellow bloggers work.  I’ve also asked and received feedback from Cranky and Barb Taub for a story I wrote.  And of course there’s the big collaboration effort with We Drink Because We’re Poets!  But though these are a form of collaboration, it’s not what I referred to in my latest Saturday Close-up.

Unfortunately the Sunday Haiga seems to have turned into a one way street, so, though I may keep the title for some future date, I think I won’t be posting it in future.

A Senryu and a Conversation:

mountains and clouds b/w

I had a truly lovely experience last week, as I mentioned above!  I wrote a Senryu: Black White and Shade and then I received a comment from Geo Sans!  I love Geo Sans’ comments…they’re always so essential!  here it is:

some never take
see, feel, admire

Horror!  That had not been my intention at all!  So I wrote this:

Ah…’tis true!
my Senryu is sorely deficient
for wanting to avoid
the use of gray
I used shades
in its stead…
but the subtlety of shades
in hue
are the stuff of lovely
t’was not against the hues
I sigh…
but a world
of metaphoric black and white
where there is no place
for doubt
or diversity
but just right or wrong
in shades of ideology.

And Geo Sans:

to bountiful bouquets
strength of heart


Ah yes…
that was the meaning
of my verse!
For if we
have the courage
to doubt,
a world of color
filling minds
with strength
and hearts with song!
Momo was my heroine
Ende a favorite writer
and I soon learned
to be wary
of the men in grey.
So…my Senryu
I’ve now corrected
stricken out the shades
replacing it with
to symbolize
where, thought
is not an option
being only seen
as a
to society.

Geo Sans:

I like
interpretation …



The Senryu is now:  Black and White and Shades of Grey.  Go have a look at Geo Sans blog…I have and it’s wonderful…his depth and essentialism is what attracts me.  I’m a wordy person, ergo, the Haiku, Senryu and Tanka…exercises in getting a thought across in an essential manner, brief to the point.

The Sketch Book:

I’m still working out what my new prose form should be…and so every once in a while I post one of my sketches on my blog.  I’m working for a word-painting effect.  I’d love your comments…even if you don’t like the piece…especially if you don’t like the piece.  I wish to have your ideas so I can write better.


Well this Just a Note was not my usually peppy, happy-go-lucky do.  Truth is at the mo’, besides the horrible heat, my husband is going through a bit of health problems and we’re a little worried.  He’s not the sort who takes things laying back…a real rebel and self-opinionated too!  He unstresses by stressing.  So recently he’s been pretty down about my blogging…which he feels is kind of silly, in truth he would prefer I return to drawing and graphic arts.  Thanks to my photographic experiments he’s been a little easier to handle!

This can and has made things a little difficult sometimes.   I’m basically an Aquarius born in the year of the Dragon, so a pretty cool and at times I’ve been told imperious sort of person.  But even dragons have emotions though they don’t tend to show them very much.  I work my emotions…when I’m up against things I have no control over…my philosophy is do what you can do.  No use wallowing about in self-pity and frustration.  So, if I can’t get it out in words…I get it out in pictures.  Basically I’m a Stacanovista (workaholic says Google), a force of nature and I do pretty much as I please.   Fortunately we have a fairly good if at times rowdy relationship.  Living in relationship like this has taught me many lessons…one of which has to say what I think…so thanks Luciano you’ve helped me be the person I am.

There are so many of you I would love to mention…just know, I appreciate you all very much!

Have a nice week everybody and keep on with the great blogging!

Double Haiku for Eric Alagan: Humanity fell

Yesterday I read a thought provoking post by Eric Alagan, which stimulated me to write this double Haiku in comment.  The Post is entitled: Salvation- 55 word flash fiction.  Eric is one of the most stimulating writers I’ve met on WordPress and I always look forward to one of his posts.  You might want to take a look at this one, it’d be a great way to meet him…the comments are very interesting too!

Humanity fell
Like ashes from a chimey
Over the winter land
And still we lament
Ignoring our choices as
Many follow still.