Big: More Poetry Practice with Cold Play…

Today’s the big day…
Cold Play
warms up their instruments
we are hot on their scent
waiting for the moment
when the first notes begin…
The crowd
is big…no huge!
Everyone is pushing
trying to find
their ideal position…
It’s one big
for an elephant
dreams of Paradise…


From Poets on a Page: Poetry Prompt: Write a “BIG” poem. Big doesn’t have to mean lengthy, but it can. Or write about a BIG idea or something that is physically BIG. It’s your poem, write it your way!

Word Prompt: (you guessed it!) BIG:

(N.B. but the whole thing began with cold…which I missed….and there’s more: On Monday, I assured you that there was a “theme” for the week that would be made known on Friday. If you’re trying to guess what it is, today’s prompt might help. For the past two days, we’ve written about “cold” and “hot”. Today, I’d like us to think “BIG”….the plot thickens!  Cool!)