Lost in Translation – June 17, 2014

Bavarian Band

Bavarian Band

Bavarian Band

With an umpapa umpapa …
We listened to the band that day,
Enjoying the fractured German …
Bavaria on the plains

They put their heart into the show,
They played their music fair …
‘Twas fun to watch their antics!
Bavaria on the plains

An air of October fest …
The band played their songs just right!
Elves and vampires just ignored them
Bavaria on the plains

We from Trentino felt our blood roar
With the joy of the mountain beat!
Though Spiderman seemed blasè,
Bavaria on the plains

Then a group of heavy-metal rockers,
Blasted its wares outside the tent,
What a cacophony it was! We left …
Bavaria on the plains.

With an umpapa umpapa …
We’d listened to the band that day,
Enjoying the fractured German …
Bavaria on the plains

Modern Music

Modern Music

The other day at the comic fest in Villafranca (Italy) inside the tent where food and drink was served, there was this cool little Bavarian band.  They really were very funny and they played well, closing your eyes you could imagine yourself being off somewhere in a German or Austrian beer garden.

For the most part though, the people seemed to be indifferent to the band.  I felt kind of sorry for them, if they’d been here in Arco or Riva, everyone would have been humming, singing and swaying with the music!

They tried to get the public to participate in some of their gags … but nothing doing.  Then outside the tent, a group with their electric guitars up to about 100 decabels let loose.  We looked at each other and decided to go look at some more stands.

One of the major problems I think, for the band, was that at the comic fest there was more an air of Japanese manga, fantasy, ghosts and monsters etc.  Everywhere you looked there were elves, ninja, ghost busters, vampires and there was even a guy dressed up as Edward Sissorhands (with real sissors by the way) not to speak of a zombie girl with white contact lenses!  On top of that the average age of the crowd must have been mid-twenties.

Therefore a Bavarian folk band was just not speaking the same language as the crowd.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what Oliana Kim wanted, but I wrote this for Lost in Translation – Traces Prompt #6



Shuukan 1 – June 15, 2014

logo haiku shuukanidyllic morn
first soft rays of sun
after the storm

idyllic cool morning
for a comic fest

beautiful sunrise
anticipating voyage
leaving Arco


This week’s Shuukan is dedicated to idyllic…I must admit, that I’m preparing to go off on a day trip to Villafranca near Verona to pass the day at the annual Comic Fest, so I don’t have my mind much on writing today…so I’m submitting this as Shuukan 1 😉