Just a Note – September 14, 2015

People in Padua

People in Padua

Hello World!

I’m writing this post from “safe mode” as I’m doing a full clean-up of all the gunk that I picked up last week.  Yesterday the problem I wrote about last week represented itself and I found myself closed out of my mail service etc.  I ran the antivirus and found 7 ad tracking cookies and removed them.  I also cleared out my system information files (you go to properties of your computer set up and deactivate system information – at least that’s what you do on XP.  Once it’s been deactivated all the files are cancelled.  When you turn your system information back on you have a new starting point created the moment you activate the service so that’s the point your computer will go to if you have a problem – like when you add an update and your computer stops working ).

At this point I went into safe mode with network options and began to run various programs to clear out malware and adware following the advice of Malware Tips

While I was waiting to get the job done, among other things,  I read this article … kind of got the feeling of “1984” or “Brave New World” reading it : The truth about Windows 10 spying on almost everything you do.

Interesting reading and not a little scary if your interested in having a private life and still using your computer on-line.

I’ve always considered Internet as a sort of huge plaza … lots of people milling around getting to know each other, buying stuff, sharing their lives … but I always remember that it’s like any plaza in the world … there are good guys and there are bad guys, and there are nosy-parkers, spies, con-artists and yes, perverts too.

If you go into a public place, you are always a little at risk of losing some of your privacy.  The point is .. how much of your privacy are you willing to give up?  The thought of an Ad company or anyone else as far as that goes, rummaging through my private letters and snooping in on my private conversations doesn’t please me at all.

I don’t know the solution … but the article does give some ideas as what to turn off.  They did mention as a valid if radical solution converting to Linux products … might be an idea.

I’ve finished my work here and will now be going back to my normal mode with a few ideas whizzing through my head … there might be some interesting points here leading to a story 😉 .

Have a great week!


Just a Note – The Computer Glitch update … September 11, 2015

Here I am again … I’m finally able to read my e-mails and blogger blogs etc.  It took my anti-virus about 4 hours to completely scan my computer (I have a terabyte of memory on my hard-disk plus another half a terabyte external disk which is always attached) on an old dual-core XP system, but it did its magic.  It found 23 or so bits of malware, about 10 of which were poisoned cookies.  I had to restart my computer in order to completely remove the things.

So I promise I won’t try to download any torrents from  Russian sites again 😉 I’ll have to find a copy of Tarkovskij’s “Solaris” somewhere else.

I watched the re-make of “Solaris” with George Clooney by Steven Soderbergh last night (on a normal store-bought DVD) and wanted to see how much the American film had changed from the original movie, which I’d already seen years ago, a couple of times, and which I’d had on video-cassette (ah progress!).

For example, this scene is missing ….

And the last scene is way different too:

Perhaps what I should have done was simply gone to YouTube and watched this video:

I enjoyed the remake very much … but Tarkovskij’s film was definitely a work of art.  If you understand Russian, you can watch the film on YouTube by the way and it may be worth while just for the great photography and music!

Ciao,  Bastet

Just a Note – September 11, 2015

Hello World!

I’m dropping this note off because there’s something wrong with my computer.  The only site that opens on both my browsers for any useful time are my WordPress links … all the others, including my e-mail server and blogger sites come up and go blank so I can’t use them.

I’m thinking I’ve got some sort of virus … something perhaps to do with cookies … I’m not sure.  I’ve got my anti-virus running a check to see if something has creeped in … I admit, the last thing I was doing last night was looking for a copy of Tarkovsky’s 1972 version of “Solaris” – which of course is a naughty thing to do as I was looking for a torrent or emule copy … however, the computer seemed to work fine, until I began to look at other people’s work … then my AdBlock crashed (but I’ve no AdBlock on Opera) and everything went dark.

I hope to be with you again as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I might only be able to see WordPress sites (but I’m not even sure of that).

See you later,  Bastet.

P.S.  The reason I mention cookies is because recently everytime I open a Blogger site I have o accept cookies … as soon as I do, the site now goes blank.