Acronym Fun – I Challenge You! May 27, 2014

Last September I wrote this poem:


Anyone can string letters in a row,

Challenging is making sense of them.

Reading newspapers or mags from the States,

Only make my head spin in frustrated irritation.

Noting that I know not their austere origins,

Yale laureates look down their snobby noses.

Madame, YNWI *!  (BTW, I just invented that),

So now you can figure out what YNWI* means!

(*you’re not well informed)

The other day Jen, from Blog it or Lose it! sent me a lovely photo and on a road sign there were these letters, well let me show you the road sign…

road signI have to admit, we had a lot of fun trying to imagine what PDS might stand for…and some of the other readers of the We Drink Because We’re Poets’ Story Prompt post added some interesting meanings too.

So I thought I’d play a game … I’m going to write some letters and I’d like to see what meanings you can come up with…and if you like, you can write a poem or a story about the new acronym (pls link it here if you do so I can find and read it easily) or just put your answers in the comments!


Ciao! Bastet

(I thought this could mean: No Good Seriously Reading)


Wordeling with Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie!


In The Garden (Fairy Tale)

Falling in a trance
Emulous of the greatest yogi
I thought to find enlightenment.

Into my mind seeped  these visions:
I stood upon a balcony
With a spiral staircase.
I walked down slowly
And came upon a garden.

In the garden there was a fig tree.
In the distance I heard a bell.
The air was filled with a honey scent,
Inviting yet ’twas vile.

Along a wall there was a rose-bush.
It was tied up in silken threads,
The ligature was made of cob webs
And ’twas sheathed from top to bottom.

I blushed spying a couple
Making love playfully in some fronds nearby.
Their love-making was boisterous,
Innocent and pure …
I was under pressure
Not to be observed, so hid.
In some bushes that were at hand.

I saw a sinuous man …
Like a serpent thin and lithe.
A merry twinkle in his eye,
He seemed to be awaiting them.

Soon their passion concluded,
They walked towards him, hand in hand.
The snake-man began to laugh
With a book between his hands.

“What’s that you’re doing, friend Slither?”
Said the woman curiously.
“Laughing at this story I’m reading,
It’s so humorous you see.”

“Oh I’d love to know this thing you do…
I’d love to understand!”
“But that can only happen” he said,
“If you had knowledge – could distinguish,
Between what’s good and  bad!”

He laughed again quite heartily,
Tears flowed down from his eyes.
She looked at him in wonder,
Her curiosity quite aroused.

“Show me how to do this thing!”
The lovely lady said…
He took her to the tree of knowledge.
She ate of the fruit forthwith.

She thus learned then what humor was,
And understood much more too…
So she offered the fruit to her man.
He ate just barely hesitating,
Troubled by a dash of a forgotten memory,
A prohibition came through his mind,
From a  dream he’d once had,
Such a long time before.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #10


Why Did I Start Blogging? – The Big 5 Challenge – May 22, 2014


I came across this question yesterday which I was about to pass by as of course one of the possible answers is in my about page…

That page though is just a partial answer.  I’d already opened a blog a few years earlier at Blog Spot but it didn’t go very far.  I didn’t know what I wanted to write about, basically.  I thought maybe it’d be cool to write about some of those things I’d come across so often on Facebook, but didn’t have space to write about.

Back then, I tried writing in English and Italian.  I wanted to explain to both of my worlds the differences between the American and Italian culture.  However, I was really not up to the chore, for chore it soon became.  I also added some recipes…the best of both worlds.  Besides, it wasn’t easy to post with them back then…you actually had to know how to create your text and lay-out your blog etc.  Basically, I got bored and the blog drifted into no where land.

I’ve always been a talker rather than a writer. I loved debate and like to look at both sides of an argument uhm that would be subject for you English-speaking persons. I’ve held conferences at odd times through-out my life, taught English at different levels (including lit) and now for over the last 4 years I’m guiding an English conversation class.  I often have to do a lot of the talking to pull out responses from my group.  It’s all ad-lib actually and outside of preparing something to read, I rarely prepare a class, which is what’s so much fun in teaching conversation! I’m happy to say that its become a great success.

One of my students last year opened a blog and wanted me to do so too.  She asked me to write about Mali…at the time it was a big news sensation and I’d held a class on current events and spoke about the post colonial African problem.  I wrote two posts about Mali, got no response, and then wrote about some other things.

I began to read other people’s blogs though and came upon the first prompts…I think they were actually the WP Daily Prompts. I soon discovered that I could write poetry…and then short stories and flash fiction.  For a brief period I did get sucked into the competition aspect of blogging…getting good stats, wanting to see those likes and basically losing site of the writing for the pleasure of writing.  I think that it’s basically an induced fixation and if you’ve been blogging for a while with WP you know what I mean.

So in answer to why I started blogging … well I guess it was just happenstance.  Why did I keep on blogging is probably the better question to answer.  I stayed on because I liked what I was writing, it opened new venues to my personality which I didn’t realize existed and the creativity aspects stimulated me,  from creating photographic galleries to haiga and onwards to prompts and poetry, these all hooked me.  Then there are the other writers who fascinate me with their inventiveness and talent. Being introduced to new poetry forms and genre which are often new to me is exciting. All this holds me here.

Now, I feel that the day hasn’t begun unless I write at least a few words. I like bantering with some of my readers and a few friendships have grown which otherwise never would have existed and this is nice.

What about you…why did you keep blogging?  Oh I meant, why did you start blogging?  😉  Georgia aka Bastet

The Big 5 – Why did you start to blog? found at Across the Bored



Free Write Bandit – Flash Fiction

typewriter and coat rack I walked into the office at 5am…a little early for most people, but I liked the peace and quiet.  Sitting down in front of my old Corona, I began to type out my editorial.  1500 words of ideas, which some would agree with while others would find something to complain about.

O course, I  wrote to pull out the complainers.  You might think that an opinion editorialist is writing to form opinions…and you’d be right.  However, what’s the good of reinforcing someone who already agrees with you?  I wrote about politics, social mores and whatever else came to mind, and I’d been doing it for nigh onto 25 years.

I decided to write something a little different that morning.  I sat back and listened to the quiet.  And let the words come out as they wished to come out.  Nothing fancy, no thinking no pondering, just writing.

That morning, at 9:00, my boss came over to my desk.  He looked down at me and asked me when I was going to replace my Corona with a word processor.  Then he began to read me the riot act.

“What the hell got into you this morning?  You, writing about dawn and birds!  For Crissakes Matt you’re a opinionist not a ruddy poet!”

I did feel a little out of my box, as they say now days, but I just said: “Thought it’d be an interesting change … we’ll see what the public says, ok?”

The replies started coming in and instead of the 25 or so e-mails from irate readers, I received about a 1000 e-mails each a little different from the other, some happy, some sad, but no polemics… some even were by wannabe poets and writers.  Lots of good stuff too!

“My boss came over at the end of the day.  Hey Matt, about your column today … uhm … why don’t you do something similar tomorrow.”

Now I have a new column, I call it “Free Write” sometimes its even about poetry and writing but often it’s about a walk along the river or about things I see going on around me.  I even publish some of the work my readers send it.  I sign my column: The Free Write Bandit.


fwf-kellie-elmore-badgeFWF – Just Write Special Edition

In this edition of Kellie Elmore’s  Free Write Friday…we’re asked to make up our own prompt and basically just to write, without any special direction, towards creating a ‘real book’.  I’m probably short of the prompt this week…but who knows, my editorialist Matt seems very much alive to me…I’ll have to see if I can give him more space.

Three Word Wednesday … a late consideration

a late consideration

I saw the words burning on the screen…terrible flames of tension and anger and I watched as the terrible conflagration consumed the people in their ire, misunderstanding, envy or who knows what other emotion.  Fact is…that in a single week at least two blogs were burnt out.  Strangely enough, my heartbeat told me that I was participating and suffering just as though I was present in a room with the various contenders!

The bright hues of happy and joyful banter which had been what had brought me to visit these sites in the early days, when I was beginning to enter this new world, were now muddied in dark browns and blacks as temperament and judgement took over replacing the joyous rays of happiness and fun.  I began to realize that the competition was anything but friendly, at least in some circles.

Of course the constant push to build up stats, get yourself read, build a community etc. didn’t really help very much in promoting writing for the sake of writing.  Though there was always a lot of talk about doing just that.  Some fell into the trap … ambition and ego … and soon all was lost.  How many rose and fell … and how many more would rise and fall … I really couldn’t and can’t say, not having read those stats, if they exist at all…

What moral considerations could I make about any of this?  Probably many if I tried, but in the end I’ll make none whatsoever. I’ve never met even one of these people, I really know no more than what I’ve read and of course they know nothing of me!  What extraordinary beings we are!   We are able to create beauty and horror so beautifully with our words…and the really interesting thing is that we believe our fantasies without reserve!

In the 21st century, whole worlds have come into being, that have no more substance than words. Of course we’ve been writing stories for years, which we’ve transformed into plays, movies and TV series.  Some would say that all human relationships are more or less based in our own fantasy … but this is really new.  We interact with these fantasies and give them life.  Virtual worlds…Facebook, Twitter or others “communities” … words contacting words … through cyberspace.

(I entitled this a late consideration only because I’m writing for a two-week old prompt … see below.  As usual…I really don’t know what I’ll write until I’ve done it … these considerations have popped into my mind on several occasions over the last years.  I don’t know what you think about all this…indeed, I barely know what I think about all this.  Sometimes I think it’s great othertimes maybe not so great. Does anyone have a comment to make?  Has anyone had a similar consideration or maybe have another point of view, hopefully a little less pessimistic?)

Waiting for this week’s Three Word Wednesday I though I’d write from the Three Word Wednesday  words that were up on week before last, here they are:

Burn, verb: Be or cause to be destroyed by fire; damage or injury by heat or fire; to be possessed by (a desire or emotion); use as a type of fuel; feel or cause to feel sore, hot or inflamed, typically as a result of illness or injury; noun: An injury caused by exposure to heat or flame.

Hue, noun: A color or shade; the attribute of a color by virtue of which it is discernible as red, green, etc., and which is dependent on its dominant wavelength, and independent of intensity or lightness; character; aspect.

Moral, adjective: Concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character; concerned with or derived from the code of interpersonal behavior that is considered right or acceptable in a particular society; examining the nature of ethics and the foundations of good and bad character and conduct; holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct; noun: A lesson, esp. one concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information, or an experience.

Kitsune and the Strawberry Wine – Fairy Tale: May 17, 2014

Minou was sad as she sat by the river under the old willow tree.  She’d hoped to have something special to give to her beloved for his birthday, but could find nothing worthy of him.

A beautiful young woman came passing by with a bottle in her hand.  She stopped and looked at Minou and said:

“What troubles you, my lady, that you sigh here under the willow branches?”

“My own true love will come of age tomorrow and I’ve nothing to give him for his birthday.” Minou replied and sighed again.

“Maybe I can help you.  I just came from my Grandmother’s home and I have this bottle of strawberry wine.  I’ve tasted it in the past and it’s delicious.  I will give it to you if you will invite me to your wedding the day you marry. But remember the wine is for him, you mustn’t drink even a drop or you’ll die!”

So Minou without thinking twice took the bottle of strawberry wine from her new friend, whose name was Kitsune by the way, took it home, wrapped it and the next morning offered it to her love when they met near the river.

“Oh, what a wonderful idea Minou!” He said, “I will open it this evening and we will drink it together!”

“No Michael … this is only for you.  It’s a special wine given to me by my friend and she says no one else should drink even a drop of it, just you!”

“Ah, that’s silly … I want you to taste it with me or I won’t accept the gift at all!”

They nearly had an argument and to calm the waters Minou said she’d promised not to drink the wine but he could pour her a thimble full and they would toast with it on their wedding night.  She herself was actually curious about the taste of the wine since she loved strawberries, but a promise is a promise.

That evening, Michael’s family threw him a big party and his wedding was announced at the culmination of the festivities.  Their wedding date was set for the 21st of June, they thought it would be nice to celebrate the first day of summer in one another’s arms.

Finally the day came.  Minou was being dressed in her wedding gown when Kitsune appeared in her room.

“My dear Minou, you forgot to send me my invitation!” Kitsune said in a petulant voice.

“Oh no dear friend … you forgot to give me your address!  But here is your invitation.  In fact if you wish you may sit in the first row with the royal family to watch the ceremony.”

Kitsune had to admit that she’d neglected to give Minou her address and was very pleased to be seated with the royal family.

Once they were married they all went to the party field to celebrate both summer’s coming and the new couple.  There was dancing and merriment.  They cut the cake and then Michael brought out the bottle of strawberry wine.

He poured a glass of wine for himself and a thimble full of wine for Minou. Which he left on the table.

“May our love last through-out eternity and may no one ever come between us.”  They twined arms and he drank. Instantly, he backed away from her and said:

“Who are you?  Where is my true love?” he said.

Kitsune stepped up, “Here I am my love, I’ve been waiting for this moment!  You’ve finally drunk my summer wine! Now you are mine!” and she began to laugh.

Minou was surprised that her friend should have betrayed her in such a way but she was very quick, so she went to the table and drank her thimble of wine saying:

“Ah I die, but all will know you for the little traitor you are!”

Lightening flashed across the clear blue sky and dark clouds formed.  Suddenly, Kitsune as transformed into a fox.

Michael looked at them both feeling rather confused.  He no longer knew what to think but the spell had somehow been broken.

At that moment an old woman walked up to the table.

“Ah…so that’s where my bottle of wine got to!” she said.  “It was a good thing for you my young man that you’d poured some for your new wife.  If she’d just drunk the wine, she would have died, because the wine was given to you.  But you offered it to her, so my dear niece’s plan was foiled and your bride is safe.”  she picked up the fox and disappeared and with them the memory of what had happened vanished as well as the bottle of strawberry wine on the table.

Inspired by Anja from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Fairy Tale Prompt #8




Light and Dark

Writing odes to spring
With sadness in his heart
He gently places flowers
Upon her new dug grave

They’d walked together often
For many a year in love
And wooed each other still
With a passion never dimmed

He knows just how life works
He doesn’t protest or whine
And keeps composing poems
As though she were still alive

She made him promise solemnly
That he’d keep on with his daily life,
She said that she would wait for him …
(Neither believed in the after-life)

As sun shone on the tombstones
They glistened like bits of diamonds
The flowers perfumed the air at morn
The birds sang in the bowers

He wrote to her in verse
He wrote to her of love
And composed his finest poems
As He looked upon a darkened spring

Loving odes to spring
With sadness in his heart

Light and Dark Prompt – Pooky’s Poems

This is an experimental form … the bold type should make sense if read as a short verse.  I’ve placed it in the category of a Kyrielle Sonnet, though it really isn’t because I didn’t want  to create a new category.

This poem is based on a story of a loving couple I once knew … he isn’t a poet, except in his heart, but he still places flowers almost daily on her grave though many years have passed.

The Mirror – Fairy Tale Prompt

BaitaChapter One
The Mirror

Jason and Jane went tramping through the woods one summer afternoon.  They came upon an old shepherd’s hut, half underground, which is how they used to build them back then.  If they’d wanted to, they could have walked up the slate roof, but they were more curious to see what was inside.

The door had a heavy lock and chain that should have held it tightly shut, but the fact is that Jason with a mighty kick caved both the door and its frame right in.

The inside of the house was full of cobwebs and was dark and dank … but there seemed to be a light at the far back of the room.  They got a leafy branch from nearby and entered clearing cobwebs as they went along.

They followed the light.  On the wall at the far end of the empty shack, there wasn’t a light at all but an ornate mirror!

“Ah … see it’s just a mirror reflecting the light!” Jason said.

“No, look closer, there are no reflections and it’s painted white anyway!” Jane replied.

They looked closer and Jason picked up a piece of what looked like an old rusty sword blade. He scraped off some of the white paint.

Jane grabbed his hand and whispered “No, I’ve got a bad feeling about this!”

“Don’t be a silly sissy!  It’s only a mirror.”

“But what’s a fancy mirror like this doing in an abandoned shepherd’s hut?  And why do you think they painted it over?  No, I really don’t like the feel of this.  Come on.  Let’s get out of here!” she said wringing her hands.

Jason just ignored her and started scraping at the paint again.

The light became brighter and brighter., the room seemed to somehow become darker and smaller.

Then suddenly, Jason and Jane found themselves standing on a cliff overlooking a roaring sea in tempest … a dragon flew through the air overhead.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Fairytale Prompt #7


Carpe Diem Ghost Writer May 4, Cathy Tenzo of Haiku Plate Special

I challenge you to use “show, don’t tell” in today’s haiku. Either use the prompt of the day, or write a haiku on the prompt of “joy”. I look forward to reading your haiku, now and in the future.” Cathy of Haiku Plate Special

A potato with a facebrown  potato
smiling on my table
laughing at the world

Cat on the Wallpredawn tenor
white cat sitting on the wall
meowing his love



morning romp
wooden horse bounces
galloping in glee

wind millcolors in the wind
a flower of plastic

Inspired by Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Carpe Diem Ghost Writer May 5, Matsuo Basho

Chèvrefuelle has had the honor of having Matsuo Basho as his 5th ghost writer of the month!

The theme is creation.

Following are some of Matuso Basho’s wonderful haiku to inspire the Haijin:

In the moonlight
a worm silently drills
through a chestnut

in blossoms
a horsefly plays… don’t eat it

petal by petal
yellow mountain roses fall —
sound of rapids

Eaten alive by
lice and fleas — the horse pees
beside my pillow

© Matsuo Basho

What a master haiku writer!  Here are my attempts to write for Matsuo Basho…

lampost and flowers

dawn’s splender
streaming down the mountains
flowers bloom

crickets chirping
tossing in my bed
mosquito dines

rock garden
bees gather pollen
sweet harvests

white flowers
near a lampost in Arco

Well…that is my best for the moment…hope you enjoyed the post, but for more and better haiku and great prompts as well as information drop by Carpe Diem Haiku Kai