The Crigofelt Cat – NaPoWriMo – April 17, 2014

Crigofelt Cat – Fun Poem

The crigofelt cat
moves through the alleys of Brildo
avoiding the people
as they shimmer by …

Like wet water puddles
after a day of heavy rain
they shimmer on the streets
through nights and days …

The prettier members
of these particular cats
seem like sunlit water
of pure golden hue …

Usually tawny
they’re like dirty mud puddles
until they retake their form
then they’re soft balls of fur …

They’re the softest of cubbys
that have even been found
so people will cuddle them
for hours at a time …

If you are alone
they’re attracted to you
as to young children
whom they often adopt …

(Not from any egotistical reasons
as scientists would like you to believe
but because of their loving nature
they know healing they give …)

So next when you visit old Brildo town
be careful … don’t jump in the puddles
they may be water puddles
or again then,  they may not!

© g.s.koch


A species of cat that can only be found in the city of Brildo.  They appear like other types of cats, but they move like puddles of liquid.  People try not to step in them, but it’s very difficult.  If you do then you will find claw marks on your shoes or foot.  Best not to walk around barefoot.  In cat form, the Crigofelt are incredibly soft and love to cuddle.  Nobody knows where they came from, but these creatures will ‘adopt’ a family.  Scientists have noted that the targets are primarily people who live alone and families with small children.  It is rumored that they live off body heat, which is why they love hugging.

© Charles Yallowitz