Triolet: my lover

Passion in a grey world

Passion in a grey world


My lover

I was feeling down so called you my sweet,
To tell you of my sad and woeful plight;
That he grumbles constantly makes me weep,
As though I’ve another with whom I sleep!
You said: “It’s true you have a love that’s deep,
Which is the reason for your constant fight…
Your lover is your poetry, so you reap
His resentment when you sit down to write!”

Cubby’s Challenge

n.b. Cubby’s been absent for a week or so 😦 , so I’m doing one of her older challenges, it’s not a new one.

Terza Rima Sonnet: Summer Heat

Terza Rima Sonnet

Summer Heat

T’was hot as though it were a summer’s night!
I tossed and then turned seeking his Lordship Sleep…
Heartless, elusive, though seek him I might.

I was in Morpheus’ valley deep,
When Hades call came for me to come out…
Sweat covered  I was no longer asleep!

Once awake there was really little doubt,
African heat has come visiting us.
From flooding we’ll soon feel the autumn draught.

Last week snow and now the desert’s red dust!
‘Tis true the saying that the weather is king…
And in those nobles you cannot place your trust.

So I’ll hear the blackbirds and sparrows sing!
(Take note: I’ll remove the duvet first thing.)

n.b. it may because I had a sleepless night as related in the poem, but I found this a difficult poem to write 😉

For Cubby’s Challenge entitled Circus of Dreams

OctPoWriMo 2013: Day 26

Triolet: marble cheese

marble cheeseTriolet

marble cheese

seems that art can be anything
from broken glass to marble cheese
maybe good taste is vanishing
seems that art can be anything
one mustn’t be condescending
though this modern art might not please
seems that art can be anything
from broken glass to marble cheese

OctPorWriMo 2013: Day 17

Cubby’s Challenge The Triolet!

Quatern: feline nature

Feline Nature


Feline nature

Daily I walked alone and free
And problems I had not a one.
Living and working just for me,
Everything was much more fun.

I managed my time as I pleased
Daily I walked alone and free
No one to blandish or appease
None with whom I’d to disagree

With him there’s little space for me,
For  I have a feline’s nature.
Daily I walked alone and free,
Limitations don’t make me purr.

Always to have to compromise
Just makes me want to shout and flee
Return to feline paradise…
Daily I walked alone and free.

For Quatern and Challenge by Cubby