Vers Beaucoup x 2: Nightmare

In my dream:  there a stream, a rippling beam
of iced cream…the hugh flow from a hole
made green troll, hick-up mightily – making him vitally
and yes frightfully, quite ill, enough to kill!

In the morning, I, mourning rest – (Ah! boring nightmare!)
yearning, rolled over like dog Rover,
that sad drover of sheep and tried to sleep…
Damn!  Peep birds began to sing, spring songs.


Well, I tried Cubby Kitty’s rhyming game the Vers Beaucoup x 2…each stanza has 4 lines, rhyming structure max 3 words per rhyme.  AAA-ABB-BCC-CDD…t’aint easy…go see Cubby’s Rhyme…it’s fantastic!

And as it talks about a dream, I thought I’d submit it to the Community Story Board too.

A Sakprompt – Clerihew: A Clerihew for Cubby!

On the Arkside of Thought, Sahm King wrote this:

Allow me to introduce the Clerihew.  The cleriwhat????  Salud.  This is a simple rhyme, apparently invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley.  The form is as follows:
Line 1: a – name of a person (typically)
Line 2: a – something that rhymes with name of the person in Line
Line 3: b – action, description or circumstance
Line 4: b – action, description or circumstance

Truth to tell, lines 3 and 4 can be whatever you like.  It is lines 1 and 2 that are typically the name of a person and something that rhymes with the person’s name.

Now this sounds like my sort of poem!  FUN!!!!


A Clerihew for Cubby!

Here’s to you O’ Cubby Kitty
I love your poems so bright and witty
I’ll send you tons of dark chocolate
Instead of a silly nifty compliment!

Instigated by SKAPROMPTS

Silly Poem Trilogy: Word play

Silly Poem Trilogy

Word Play

When I feel a lot of stress
I do what for me is best
we all have our little games
( for sure none are quite the same)
which delights us and gives us bliss!

I love to play around with words
you’ve seen me do this at times
even if the results are quite absurd
I’ll keep doing it from time to time.

When once I went to eat a pizza
many years ago..
my sons and I in Italian
played change the letter game
pizza, puzza, pazza, pezza and pozza
gave us such a laugh…
since as we rhymed them
in really ridiculous poems.

The crazy pizza made of stinky cloth,
sat inside the puddle!
Then the puddle of stinky pizza,
got wrapped up in crazy cloth…
At last the stinky cloth pizza
puddled on my crazy dog!
But it’s much more fun in Italian
As it all comes out in rhyme!


maybe orching in an orchard
could be a ponderous sight…
recitals of
Papel pontifications
dog-matically and auto-matically
humbly bumbling beings
(in basil basilicas
ornated with oral ornaments)
and bi-shops who
orate in oratoriums


A pontificating frog
in a weedy old pond
was pondering hard
of just how
to create a bond
with a near-sighted
princess of
whom he was fond…
decided he
to pretend he was blond
by donning old fronds
poke her impiously
with a willow wand
and thus abscond
a violent kiss!
the results!

Dedicated to Cubby at Reowr and Charles at Legends of Windemere.

Silly Poem: Potato with a Face

A potato with a facepoor cubby kitty
to see just goddesses
that have been
over photographed
the ones
that we all know and love
the ones
“who kind of look
weird potatoes with no face”…
(i’m still loling*all over the place)
so I photographed a potato
first drew up a face…
just for this
silly poem
and for cubby kitty
Ah…and whilst I was about it
I though I’d show you poets
how to have some fun
play around
with your

* how the Italians use LOL in facebook…they write: I’m loling.

BTW…Cubby is a formidably fantastic poet with a dry sense of humor…dry enough to be British!

(We Drink Photo Challenge: Food)

Footsteps for Cubby

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthis lifetime passage

like my footprints in the sand

is momentary

For Cubby…because I like to be stimulated to go one step further along the path…and i want some great Canadian chocolate!  Meow…to your Reowr…Bastet.  I first wrote ephemeral instead of momentary…which do you prefer?