The Cuckoo – Troiku – April 27, 2016

above the roof-tops
looking for a mate and host
the cuckoo calls

above the roof-tops
the cuckoo flies like a hawk
small birds hide

looking for a mate and host
thief and Romeo
cuckoo – cuckoo

the cuckoo calls
lazily from dawn to dusk
through spring and summer

© G.s.k. ‘16

Carpe Diem Theme Week 3: Magnolia Blossoms, haiku by Soseki Natsume: episode 7

classical kigo hototogisu (cuckoo)

kaero to naka zu ni warae hototogisu

laugh, not cry

© Soseki Natsume

naku nara ba mangetsu ni nake hototogisu

if you want to sing
sing under the full moon

© Soseki Natsume

Common cuckoo

Cuckoo – Shadorma (NaPoWriMo – April 25, 2014)

from my antenna
“come see me …
I’m here dear”
the first call of the season,
summer’s melody

no doubts now
summer is so near
cuckoo’s court
in the morn
the familiar funny call
fills the Alps each year

he saw me
chittering – he left
silly bird
so absurd
black tail bobbing in the air
he’s gone to the woods