Sunday Whirl – July 28, 2014

171hallowed, skill, blasts, hunt, stained, shallow, thrill, whack, unfolds, center, dabble, reveal

Cyber Witchcraft

Reveal to me, oh hallowed soul,
The skill that needs to be produced …
To dabble in this shallow world,
With witchcraft in our unseemly time.

The hunt is on for the mighty book,
Which would be the center of my life,
As the blasts of mendacity howl all ‘round …
I hunt the world for the power of change.

I dabble now in harmless spells,
I whack the hacker where I can …
Hunt the bandits in our modern time
Who’ve stained my world with muck.

Ah to have the mighty master’s skill …
To have a virtual book of change, a thrill!
And then, at last, walk upon the Earth …
Without the fear of cyber theft.


Sunday Whirl 171 a mighty fine wordle by B