The Missive – Canzone – September 6, 2015

A Mysterious Missive

When the messenger arrives
Carrying his heavy missive
Who will hold my hand as I cry,
Knowing then, you are no more
For my life will have no more meaning?
What will I do when the message arrives?
How can I read that woeful missive,
How many tears must I then cry …
Until my tears are no more
Giving sadness a new meaning?

Yet you say there will be no missive
No sad tidings for which to cry
Just joyous news from you and no more
Giving new verve and meaning
To our love, when it arrives.
How I long for that glad missive
And with happiness would I cry …
For on that day to fear no more,
The sadness and loss of meaning,
If the report of your death arrives.

No matter what news arrives
This day of love will be our eternal missive.
Why cover my head in ashes and cry
I’ll think of a sad future no more
This night will fill me with new meaning!

© G.s.k. ‘15

This is the “canzone” I wrote for B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond … in the original post I give the explanation for my simplified version of this old Italian form … which had already been “simplified” from the original Italian version … basically removing the end rhyme and opting for the repetition of words in a particular sequence … I’m posting it today upon request of one of our readers, Rallentanda from Australia … happy you asked Rall, funny I hadn’t thought to do so myself.