At Dawn in Padua – Haibun – October 23, 2015


birds at dawn

Yesterday at dawn in Padua, a squawking concert created by the voices of hundreds of migrant birds greeted me. I marvelled as a group fell upon the persimmon tree in the garden, blackening it for a moment, until I moved – causing them to fly away.  The cat sat at the window – her puffed up tail swishing furiously. The tea was bitter this morning.

just passing through
migrant birds like falling stars
travelling light

© G.s.k. ‘15

Carpe Diem Special #176: “create a haibun with a maximum of 75 words (including the haiku)”

Hello folks … I’m back from Padua and hope to visit you all soon!  Bastet

Morning Haiku and Waka – July 29, 2015

three o’clock
watching the darkness
caught in a spiral

but aren’t we all
– alone

dapples the mountains
rays over the hills
inviting a new day
yet this darkness remains

this misty rain
is only in my eyes
the sun rises
bringing brightness to the world
for all for the abandoned

© G.s.k. ‘15

CDHK – Dawn – June 9, 2015

shimmering dawn
just beyond open tent flaps
dew wet grass

© G.s.k. ‘15

Here are some haiku written by Jane Reichhold and Chèvrefeuille dedicated to the dawn:

first light
pouring into lava mountains
cloud red

with the light

© Jane Reichhold

through reed
the rising sun
a new dawn

beads of bright dew
hanging from the bamboo leaves
what a richness

© Chèvrefeuille

Morning Haiku and Waka – January 9, 2015

cortilea chorus of dogs
sound in “cacophonia”
this early morning
roof tops frosted white
reflect the morning sun

morning stress
wondering about a man
Mr. Linky

bells mark the hour
my morning is nearly gone

dawn over the netted fench
poetry and worms

© G.s.k. ‘15

Sounds, Smells and Light – Morning Haiku and Waka – September 30, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdawn fills the valley
with mystical pastel lights
the lake blushes

streaking pastel hues
behind the mountains lengthen
sparrows twitter

the sparrows swoop and swirl
ah – white cat hunting

– bells begin to ring
imagine the dawning morn
from the olive groves

awaiting breakfast
the room smells of banana
coffee and brioche

7:00 – Free Verse – September 13, 2014

Church bells ring the hour
each one chimes its own time,
creating echoes in the valley –
7:00 lasts for a while …

The birds are silent
not a sparrow, blackbird or crow
not even the cock crows –
in the background –
traffic flows,
the factories moan,
and a helicopter
swoops over my house …

The sun  tops the Veiled mountain,
shrouded as always in its white robe,
light radiates off the rooves
in brilliance, silver bright,
puffs of vapor swirl in tiny clouds …

Wasps begin to buzz
a dog barks
there … in the distant woods
a bird chirps
ah – at last!
A new day has begun.



Silence – Haiku – August 30, 2014

this strange light of dawn
colors the world with peach tones
in empty silence

no birds to comfort
the air is heavy with storm
in empty silence

rays of sun through clouds
accents the land’s brooding
in empty silence

ah – two swallows pass
chittering their morning joy
the silence broken

Dawn Thoughts: July 12, 2014

Swallow’s Games

zipping – racing
reeling creatures
weaving through
the morning skies
like dare-devil maniacs
under a bridge they fly
straight up to a roof
and down they dive
a head-on collision
barely avoided
the swallows
play their morning game
of tag.


July moon sets
a photo – streak of  blue light
capturing  illusions

Moon sliver