Poem: Bastet Asks

We Drink Because We Are Poets Thurday Prompt # 5 has set and we have a new goal!

Prompt: What if you were a god for a day?  What would you do?  What would the world be like?  Would you be a good god or an evil god?  I’m thinking along the lines of the classical pantheons (like from Greece and Rome), but you can take this any way you’d like.  If you’d like to go the Bruce or Evan Almighty way, by all means, it’s your universe!

You can write your poem in any form that you choose!  If any of you would like to write an epic like the Illiad, that would be waaaaaay awesome!

People, it’s your party.  Have fun!  :)

Look in this mirror, how do you see yourself?

Look in this mirror, how do you see yourself?

Bastet Asks

I am great Bastet

the Goddess of cats

born from the rib

of Sekhmet the Goddess of War!

As I’d been forgotten

I thought


become human

for in this

wonderous age

the deities are you!

I’ve followed your


over the ages

and seen how you’ve tamed

the Earth and the Air

I’ve seen your

great progress from

frightened young


to warriors who could turn

this planet to dust!

I’ve watched as whole


have ceased to exist

I’ve watched as the forests you’ve changed into cities

I’ve watched as you’ve played


transforming my noble minions

into silly playthings

to be shown in fairs.

I’ve seen your

great growth

7 billion or so

and wonder where

the rest of us might go!

You fly into space

exploring the planets

you dive into the sea

at impossible depths!

You speak across


in less than an instant

creating ideas

no god ever could.

No burning bushes

for you

a keyboard you use

a modem

a webcam

and all is concluded!


answer my question

for deities you


what sort of world

have you created

are you good gods

or evil

or just unconscious of your great power?

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