Silly Poem: Mouser Cats’ Circus

Mouser Cats' Circus

The wonderful circus of Mouser Cats
Had as his main number Ele-phants
They loved to do a fancy tip-tappy dance
And everyone loved to see them prance!

Six Ele-phants he’d saved from the zoo
And all were so jolly except for Suzy-Q
She had a weight problem do you see
So she’d always go hide behind a gum-tree!

Poor Suzy-Q thought she was far too thin,
She didn’t even have a proper double chin.
But, old Mouser Cats was also a miser,
“I’ll pay for you five but not she, advise her.”

The six were great friends and didn’t agree:
“We can dance in five let her stay by her tree!”
But Mouser Cats he made a great awful scowl
And said he wouldn’t pay her any old how!

The friends got together, they went on a strike
And decided to ask for a humongous pay hike
They said: “We’ll divide this extra money
With our Suzy-Q ‘cause she’s really our little honey!

Old Mouser Cats saw he just couldn’t resist
For his circus’d be ruined if he didn’t desist.
From that day onward they all got along fine,
And the Ele-phants toasted with sparkling wine!

Poem: The Black Cat’s Vacation

Cat's Vacation b_wWell…on Monday We Drink Because We Are Poets decided on an original prompt:  present a handwritten poem…well original for 2013 anyway!  I’m afraid that between one thing and another, I forgot to send anything in.  I think it was Freudian actually as I prefer to type than to write. Anyway, Sahm said I was still in time, so here is an old drawing I did many long years ago, I scanned it then wrote out a poem about the Black Cat’s Vacation…hmmm…should have been Black Cats’ Vacation, but who’s going to squeal on me…

This is the original drawing:

Black Cat's VacationWell, as you can see, it’s pretty old and I framed it and wrote the title today with Picasa!