Rainmakers – American Troiku – April 27, 2016

cicadas and locusts
nothing else will grow this year
without rainmakers

cicadas and locusts
choke in the black blizzards too
they ain’t rainmakers

nothing will grow this year
but bank mortgages
if rainmakers fail

without rainmakers
this land will just blow away
pack-up and follow

© G.s.k. ‘16

Carpe Diem #961 prayers for rain

American Haiku by Jack Kerouac – Posted by Alberto Savoi

Sunday Whirl – The Dust Bowl – August 10, 2014

Here are the words:

WordleBend under those pails of water
Too heavy to stand-up straight
But today we irrigate the grain.
The distant sybil of rain
Another ephemeral promise unfulfilled …
We’ve looked to the east
And then we looked to the west
Wondering what we should do,
To limit the dust wind’s damage
In case the rain failed once again …
Now, as we take the short shaded lane
The dust flies into our eyes …
Kansas is just a dust bowl
I think we’ll soon leave these parts.

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More Information about the depression and the great storms that created the dust bowl:



These were also the photo sources.