“Silly” Poem: Bastet’s Bad Spelling

I must be curséd with a malady

a dyslexy, hmm dyslexia of a sort

it’s not to do with “writing” words

my calligraphy is quite nice…

it’s not to do with reading

I’m reading all the time

and I can read things out-loud,

even with very strange rhyme…

no my friends I’m d(i)ysorthographic

and it’s plane (ah, thanks, plain) for all to see…

as I’ve learned from sad exp(i)erience…

when I haven’t done my editing…uh…hmmm.

Now it could be that I’m a reble (el)

rebelling against structures,

it might be because I’m polylinguistic

but I’m afraid that’s not the case…

When I was just a kid in school

I loved those spelling bees…

the harder were the words to learn

the happier I’d be…

but then one haunted day it happened

with the simplest word you see,

 I couldn’t convince my silly brain

to write of with an “f” instead of with a “v”!

Whatever is the problem

all I’ve got to say, is this: I’m glad

I live in this glorious age

of cyberspace and speller’s (damn!) aid(e)s!

For, strangely, I know when I will err

(nope this time it isn’t air or ere!)

hurray!  for me…hmm anyway…

I just go and look it up.

Thanks for thinking I make just typos

you’re so kind hide my shame…

but the fact is if I’m not cautious

I’ll make errors all the same.

This problem I’ve found truly exists…some say it’s rare.  I’d be surprised though if many poor English mother-tongue speakers aren’t diagnosed with the problem in the future and given some pill to “cure” it.

English is one of the most horribly UN-phonetic languages in the world…there are over 40 phonemes in English many which have no corr(i)espondence to the letter structure. Unlike, for example, Italian which is almost completely phonetic (and dysorthography is virtually unknown) and has about 28 phonemes (they have 21 letters in the alphabet and recently because of English have added the 5 which were missing and use them for the foreig(h)n based words)…the sounds corr(i)espond to the letter that represent the sound with very few exceptions…which does nothing for me, because sometimes I don’t hear those sounds…ex. doubles.

The real bummer is when I comment… 😦 … writing the post, I edit, but damn, when you comment, it’s like being one on one and I forget to check…alas…sigh!