Morning Haiku and Waka – August 14, 2015


Alaska Quake-Fourth Ave. – Good Friday 1964 – Photo Credits: Wikipedia *

sudden grumble
in the silence of dawn
a summer earthquake

twitter little birds
reassure my shaken heart
the earth – is still

hear the church bells –
it’s seven of the clock
a punctual quake
did it look at the clock
before deciding to shake?


We just had an earth tremor … to call it an earthquake is probably a bit much … but as this is the second this month (the first being the 7th of August or there and about) and that one was quite a shake (we were 6 kilometres from the epicentre) I feel a little nervous.

In 2012 we had a long series of quakes, mostly in the Padana Valley … but we used to get their tail ends here in Trentino.  My sister had come to visit that year, we went to visit the sights, including Verona and Padua. Of course, Italian earthquakes shake rather than actually open up the land or create a significant sudden drop in the earth like in California or Alaska … but to me, an earthquake is an earthquake …

running to the yard
as the earthquake shakes us
laughing with my sis
remembering Alaska
makes us a little nervous

© G.s.k ‘15

(*) Now in Anchorage the city streets start with Third Avenue … the First and Second don’t exist … there’s now a very steep street that goes from the port area to the main part of town and a park … called Earthquake Park. The land just dropped away that day.

Carpe Diem #341, Nidhöggr



snake gnawing world’s roots
seeking freedom to destroy
Earth trembles and shakes

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

Click the photo for the YouTube link to: Pagan Metal – Nidhöggr

For Carpe Diem Haiku Kai:  Nidhöggr – Adrian Von Zeigler


my first choice was a Senryu:

preparing the battle
dragon gnaws at life’s roots
Ragnarök today!

N.B.  Since my youngest son was little he loved mythology and history…of course he went into D&D for a time, we read fantasy together in the evening and old Norse stories…you can say that the kid helped me create a knowledge base I wouldn’t have had…encluding Egyptian dieties…ergo Bastet!  I think I’ll have to pass this piece of music on to him. He’ll love it and I find it better than some of the Epic Metal that he usually listens too when the mood takes him!