Between the Seasons – Haiku – September 28, 2015

Red Fallen Leaves

between the seasons
the vitality of youth
red fallen leaves

the undercurrent
between the earth and moon
thralling attraction

there they stood
between the lines she wrote
her adieu

© G.s.k. ‘15

Morning Haiku and Waka – Renga – December 13, 2014

Celestial Renga:
File:Artist’s impression of the remarkable double star OGLE-LMC-CEP0227.jpg

Click photo for credits


Frozen thoughts
remember eclipse
not sunlight
afternoon stars shine
filling the world with awe
© G.s.k. ’14
such wonders
heavenly ornaments
céleste du jour
a gift from the moon
céleste du jour
a bright summer day
touched by the night
© G.s.k. ’14