Thursday Poetry Prompt #19: Alternative History – Palindrome

Prompt: Choosing the form you favor most, propose an alternative history.  Choose any event from history and suggest what might have happened if it had turned out differently.

I’m trying a Palindrome.

purple tension

Invention rivalry

Invented Tesla
Edison invented
Rival invention of electricity…
Edison feared profit and investment lost.

“Mankind  beware!”
Edison said “AC Current Dangerous!”
He electrocuted Topsy Elephant, alas.

Convinced was humanity:  AC refused
Edison set back technology by over 50 years for profit.
Ac refused:  humanity was convinced.

Alas, elephant Topsy electrocuted, he!
“Dangerous Current AC!” said Edison.
Beware,  mankind!
(Lost investment and profit feared Edison.)
Electricity of invention rival,
Invented Edison,
Tesla invented.