Morning Haiku and Waka – Joy – April 30, 2015


 among the flowers
a whirligig whistles
playing with the wind

joy in the rain
the warm sun shines in my mind
flights of fancy

an instant’s joy
the mountains green in springtime
the bird’s song at dawn

this rugged road
leads both ways to joy and sorrow
there  – a cuckoo calls
looking up as the rain falls
tears wash away with the rain

what is this joy
an inner song and vision
gone in a second
but the memory remains
delighting my sad moments

music plays
just sitting in a dark room
watching the notes fly

© G.s.k. ‘15

In the month we’ve been doing the reading and prompts from the Bhagavad Gita we’ve also been asking ourselves, are the world’s religions perhaps united among themselves … have they perhaps all grown from one source?  If one is a monotheist and sees the similarities in the Gita to their own religion, they might consider that even then, the Deity in His/Her unity, led His/Her people in their needs for their age giving them teachings they could understand. The atheist will think, that humanity has always loved to try to understand the origin and meaning of life and thus, created religion.  For me the roads to peace and unity are many but in the end, isn’t the goal one?  This is the answer that suits me.

in the here and now
rain falls and sun shines

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Morning Haiku and Waka – February 15, 2015

painted dream tree

this tree
just a vision
I dreamed
this morning

oniric garden
wingless flight in boundless skies
fire-birds fly

gardener of sleep
dream weaver works day and night
creating new worlds

what is reality
this lucid dream of here and now
or lucid night worlds

© G.s.k. ‘15

This first video was made many years ago … and below is our pianist in 2010 for his 85th birthday … he plays the same wonderful piece … He left us on the first of February this year.


that August evening
from infinity to “now”
you entered my dreams
accompanied by Satie
thus you were born my dear son

© G.s.k. ‘15

Writing to Music: Senryu Trilogy

I’ve been requested to write a trilogy to the music of Eric Satie…Les Trois Gymnopédie…in Haiku (but I’ve chosen Senryu) by Barb Taub.   How could I refuse a request like this, and from one of my first and most faithful blogging friend!

The difference between Haiku and Senryu, is basically focus.  Here I’m focusing on a day in a couple’s life (in first person point of view).  So, not strictly Haiku which would be a more specific description of nature.

For those who may not know the piece or would like to listen to it while they read…just click the link to Les Trois Gymnopédie here.

Sarca River flows into lake Garda...sailing

Sarca River flows into lake Garda…sailing

Gymnopédie N° 1

first light foreshadows
languid summer day, with you
dawn is our promise


Gymnopédie N° 2

our sun shines brightly
Sarca river flows serenely
we laugh as ducks dive


Gymnopédie N°3

sailing on the lake
strong wind fills our sails, we race
wind’s gift: our freedom


Have a great Sunday Barb, I hope you like them, and a great day to everyone else too!