OctPoWriMo: Day 6 – Free Verse – October 6, 2016


a sunset in padua

a sunset in padua

The Old Couple

ripe in the silhouette of time
sprouts barbed thistle-down
inside their heart they face
the dark down-side of self

even as they speak of love,
(the cold rain of reason drizzles)
they shore up their autumn souls
against a reckless flood of passion

how far from romance here …
[read between the empty lines
of endless puerile competition]
lives the desire – to walk alone

© G.s.k. ‘15

Stalking Love – Sonnet

You came to me downtrodden by love
She’d seemed such a vivacious girl
You thought she’d be your own sweet dove
For she’d sent your heart into a whirl.

Yet before too very long it was done,
You saw that she’d only break your heart.
Her demands upon you were just for one.
And so you felt it better to live apart.

Now she stalks you day and night
Hounding you, you’ve no more peace
Yet, you wonder if she might be right
That you’d left her just for your caprice.

No! She’s got a predator’s mind my friend
And there’s nothing there for you to amend.