Right! (A Nonsense Poem)

just right

Nonsense  Poem


“Ready!” said the red injun,
Reading from his righteous book::
“Reason being that with raisin bread,
Rye.” the red rainman wryly said:
“Is simply silly and unsuitable!”
Aghast in angst Agnes did reply:
“If right is rigorously to be reaped then
corrections cordially we must coordinate
Alas, my royal red injun friend..
Juicy justice seeks the jury today!
Asking raisins for the rising sun
and rye inside the wiry moon!”

“Hot Hottentots hosted
a cold cod chowder dinner,
And big beginnings were thus being born!
Tho, smelly was the small smorgasburg…
However we of the judicial jury
Rightly write this our ritual writ
Staing that :
Red injuns have no rightful reasons
to wryly deny rye in raisin bread!”
Thus the jury justified its sentence.

“Sensible seemed the jury’s sentence!” the journalist said

And I?

Aye, I hid away the high racks of rye
and raisined bread with good reason
and said:

“Rights? Oh yeah there are rights and rites,
and some are really alright
and sometimes things are just right…


Written for Poets on a Page

Poetry Prompt: Write a “just right” poem. Tell us about the perfect place, time, person, pair of jeans or shoes… whatever it is that is “just right” for you.

Word Prompts: Right or Perfect or maybe even Comfortable