Tale Weaver’s Prompt – July 4, 2014

music, saxophone, curious,  root, garbage

This week Oloriel asks us to weave a story with the above five words!  So here we go!

The Root of Primitive Instincts

“Oh man!  This is just garbage!  You call this music?” shouted the saxophone player as he read a piece of sheet music his friend had composed for him the other evening.

“It’s experimental James, you could at least try to play it.  I’m curious to hear what you can do with it on a saxophone, I’ve tried it on a violin and on the piano of course, but not the sax.”

“Julia, you’re a genius … usually, but it’s not even remotely feasible for me to play this thing.  It’s aweful!”

“Aw, come on … just a try.  I’m trying to get to the root of our primitive animal instincts!”

Tabby was sitting on her lap sleeping.  Toby was over by the fireplace looking curiously them as he sat placidly on his rug. James gave in and as he hit the first cacophonic squeal of high notes moving on to a low bass tone, the cat jumped about a foot and took off, the dog began to howl.

Julia put her hands to her ears and shouted, “Okay okay! You’re right it is garbage on a sax!”

“Told ya so!”

Written for Mindlovesmiserys’ Menagerie – Tale Weavers Prompt