OctPoWriMo Day 13 – Decuain – October 13, 2015

Rorschach Ink Stain

Rorschach Ink Stain

The steps were wet after the morning rain
As we tried to capture a spider’s web.
The light wasn’t right so we shot in vain
Like flies we’d been captured by that cobweb,
So soon our morale was at a low ebb.
We looked around for something to capture
Discarding all hopes for that spider’s web
We looked down and we both sighed in rapture
A splash of colour, a Rorschach ink stain
A leaf on the steps – wet, red and arcane.

© G.s.k. ‘15

This was rather a difficult form to write … but Elliot rightly said: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

The Decuain (pronounced deck won), is 10 line (Decastich) form created by Shelley A. Cephas, and can be used for any subject.

The convention is iambic pentameter, and there are 3 choices of rhyme schemes

a b a bb c b c a a
a b a bb c b c b b
a b a bb c b c c c 

Haiga Practice – January 25, 2014

Haiga Practice:

Haiga one: Winter Haiga

Haiga one: Winter Haiga

winter morning
stark greetings contrasting
the rain stopped

Haiga Two:  haiga morn

Haiga Two: haiga morn

snowy mountain
stark greetings in contrast
the rain stopped

Processing some photos this morning, this one came up, originally like this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt didn’t have the haiku of course…I just didn’t want to remove it as I did the back step…so now you know that “snowy mountain” was the second edtition of the haiga 😉

But there was one passage after this before I decided on black and white and it was this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s what I did with an hour of my time this morning…and actually I guess the haiga isn’t even completed because I didn’t frame it!  Which of the four compositions said something to you (if any)?

Have a great day!  Bastet

Haiga 2: Butterfly

Here is my drawing number two.  I wrote the Haiku in Italian first so the syllables are 17.  Unfortunately, my resident (more or less) Italian reader is off to a historical re-evocation up north so I’m bluffing the Italian.

The drawing was a little more pronounced here, and I liked the idea of tinting it light blue, my favorite color.

Butterfly fly

Feedback is always welcome have a nice day!

Haiga 1: Willow and Wind

Today, not having anything better to do, I sat doodling.  I then decided to write a Haiku for the two doodles that I did scanned them and then processed the sketches adding the Haiku in both English and Italian.

Although I’m aware that I’ll have to work on the sketchings in order to make a series of really good Haiga, I though I’d share them with you anyway.

Haiku willow

The pencil sketch was a little too light and the Italian gave me trouble, being completely phonetic, it has far more syllables than the original English.

So as the pilot said in the “Little Prince”, this is my drawing number one.  😉

Feedback is welcome, have a nice day!

Group Effect: Choices (experiment)

I thought I’d try this experiment, since it kept popping into my mind all morning.  The rhyming pattern:   the first and third stanzas, rhyme at the end each line…fifth line alone.  The Second and the Fourth stanzas rhyme at the beginning of the line…fifth line alone.  So keeping this in mind it’s aabbc aabbc aabbc aabbc.  I didn’t worry about syllables or meter at this point.  Now, I’m sure this probably has a name…can anyone tell me what form it is?

I must admit, I’ve never studied poetry so iambic etc means nil to me and I don’t know the names of the forms…except what I learned from We Drink Because We’re Poets…so if someone can give me a hand naming this type of rhyme, I’d appreciate it a lot. (N.B. This is now called the Group Effect)



I thought of Robert Frost
regretting what he’d lost…
a road in a yellow wood
unsure his choice was good.
if only he knew.

Could we reflect back
Would we too regret…
Choices quickly made
Voices never raised?
if only we knew.

This my contemplation
a reflective meditation
born from your words
that fluttered like birds.
if only you knew.

Thought, dancing in circles
Aught not weigh me down
Woods divided, choices made
Should be a passing thought!
if only I knew.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Duck Collage Materpiece

I felt like playing around my photos this afternoon…too hot to go out, wasn’t feeling too inspired to write, or rather…a lot spinning around but all confused, didn’t feel like reading or chatting, so I said to myself, why not try to make a collage!

I took two photos and superimposed them, one a modified picture of water and another some ducks under a tree.

ducks under a tree

ducks under a tree

This was the first result after modifying, adding HDR effects polarizing and a few other things…but I didn’t really like the effect.


So, I took the original photo and after doing a very slight shadowing and intensifying the ducks whist trying to lighten the tree…I double exposed again… the collage with the original added the frame a second time…this is the result:


It may not be a “real” masterpiece…but I like it pretty much any way, so I’ll add it to my Weekly Photo Challenge entries 😉

Have a pleasant evening everyon!

Just experiments

I revel in Ravel
Satie is my delight
that just doesn’t here imply
I don’t like a rap or two
I like Eminem
I like 50 cent
I love to hear them rhyme
that doesn’t mean that
I listen to them all the time…

when I’m tired
I get fired
like to just go at it
and lay the
words out
as they come
not really
I’m not daring
it’s just that
I let My mind
and what comes up
is up!

I’m no academic poet
following strict metric
searching for
ever-ending rhymes
the quatrain and sonnets
are great exercises
and for sure
I’ll try them that is true
but the truth is,
if it must be said,
I’m not much for masturbation
not even with my mind.

Sorry folks…this is the second post that came out prematurely…one was just a memo to myself!  So, I thought I’d just this hang in there.  But I’m closing down the computer! 😉