The Cherries – Fabulist dVerse!

The Cherries

Once upon a time, Kitsune was out walking on a warm late spring day.  She came upon a beautiful cherry tree.  Its blossoms were now transformed into succulent red fruit, that hung invitingly all about it but just beyond reach.

Kitsune jumped up trying to get some of those succulent cherries.  But, alas, they were just too high.  She grabbed a big stick and try to knock some down, but they refused to collaborate and seemed to just laugh a bright red laugh at her failure.

Terrible Inugami came stalking down the road looking for a victim to murder.  Kitsune, was not one to run away in the face of adversity and she was also very very brave and intelligent.  She sat down on a rock and pretended to cry.

“What’s wrong with you Kitsune?” growled Ingumi.

“Ah…a terrible thing has happened!  Do you not see how this tree is dripping with blood?”

“That doesn’t look like blood to me.  The drops are too round and besides they seem to be attached one to another.  I think this must be some sort of fruit!”

“Oh…this is due to an enchantment.  But this is my friend Kodama…alas who’s suffered a great wrong.  There is only one way to free the Kodama from this tree…I must eat that fruit.  Alas, though, it is too high for me!”

“Too bad I did not come along when this person was cruelly transforming Kodama into a tree!  I would have torn him limb from limb…but now, there’s nothing I can do!”

“Can’t you get some of that fruit down for me so that I may try to save Kodama?” she said fawning “You are truly so very tall and strong!”

Inugami was really very big and proud too…he was also very vicious but one of  Kitsune’s powers was the power of persuasion!  So she used her magic voice and Inugami felt well disposed towards her and decided to try to help her “save” Kodama.

Kodama was really hidden inside the cherry tree, though neither of them knew this and so when Inugami pulled off some of the cherries and gave them to Kitsune, Kodama though he’d have some fun scaring them!

Kitsune had just popped the first cherries into her mouth when Kodama began to moan and wail!

Inugami looked perplexed and Kitsune nearly choked!

“Who do you think you are Inugami, stealing my young right off my branches like this!” Kodama said.

“Ah!  Kitsune said that she had to eat your blood so that you could be transformed back into your original form!”

“Kitsune…you’re up to your tricks again!  You wanted to eat my fruit so you brought this ignorant dog to help you!”

“Eh no!  Who are you to call me an ignorant dog!  And you Kitsune, what do you have to say about this?”

“Ah…my poor Kodama.  You’ve been transformed into a tree and from what I can see, a very bad mannered tree at that!  You should be thanking Inugami and I for trying to help you!  But if that’s how you’re going to act…well we’ll just go away and leave you to your sort!”

So cunningly hiding the cherries Kitsune jauntily raised her bushy red tail and off she went towards the woods.  Inugami growled at Kodama and said:

“Now you will remain a tree for all of your existence!” and went on his way along the dusty path looking for a victim to murder.

Kodama just laughed his rustling laugh, that sounded like wind in the leaves.  He was really very happy that Kitsune was able to get some cherries.  Now she would take the fruit far away and new cherry trees would grow up somewhere in the bright sunshine far away!

Moral of the fable: I really couldn’t say what the moral is…any suggestions?  Courtesy is the best policy…could be one but Kodama get’s what he wants by being discourteous!  What can I say…I’ll never be an Aesop!


My story is an adaptation from The Fox and the Grapes is one of the traditional Aesop’s fables.  The characters I pulled out of internet: Kitsune the Japanese fox kami, Inugami a dog kami, sort of a voodoo spirit used to murder or to kidnap one’s enemies and Kodama a spirit that lives in a tree.  Of course, Kitsune isn’t an ordinary fox, so she got to eat her cherries unlike Aesop’s Fox who wasn’t able to get any grapes and so declared that he didn’t want them anyway, because they were probably sour!


So for today’s dVerse challenge (written by who says: I would like you to either:

    • take an existing fable and create a poem out of it, maybe moving the anthropomorphism back to real humans.
    • or, tell your own fable in the form of your preference. I think a world of foxes, lions and scorpions still exists, and can be used to create a poem.
    • or simply rewrite you fable of choice in poetic words, many of the fables were actually poems to start with so you are in great company with the original fabulist.

And if you use a fable and not just the characters, please include a reference to that fable. I would love to learn how your world of fables look like.

    • Write a poem and post it to your webpage.
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Have a great Sunday!

The Travellers – Flash Fiction

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey’d walked throughout the night and into part of the next day, mud splattered cold, not knowing where they were going.  Around 4:00, they came upon the old stone house, half buried in the hillside.

“Let’s stop here, I don’t think I can go another step!” Michael sighed.

“Ok, but let’s be sure that there’s no one here.”

“Who’d live out here in the middle of no where?  I mean, this is the first sign of life in days!”

“I know.” James said, “But just the same…”

They divided, one going towards the left, the other the right.  There wouldn’t have been many places to hide, the building was low laying, the roof just above the earth in certain areas.

The door stood slightly ajar, and with sword in hand, James walked towards the door.  He pulled it open with one hand.  Nothing, there was no-one, but there were signs of someone living in that run-down shack.

He descended the steps slowly.  There was a table, laid for three people, three chairs and a cupboard full of glasses and dishes.  From the ceiling hung a cured ham and corn husks.  In one corner was a small fireplace with a cauldron over a low fire. In another corner, there was a bed with a colorful duvet on it.  The house was warm.

“Hey, Michael, come here!”

Michael entered and took in the room.  They looked at each other then grabbed a bowl and a spoon from the table,  went over to the cauldron then dished themselves up a bowl of porridge. There was a pitcher of water  and one of milk on the table.  They drank their fill of the water and poured the milk onto the porridge and ate heartily, finally using a bit of some fresh-baked bread  to clean their plates.

A girl came into the room at this point. She was graceful, with long black auburn hair.  She smiled a warm welcome to them, which took them by surprise.

“Ah, so I see you’ve made it at last, ’tis a week I’ve been waiting for you!” she exclaimed happily.

“You can’t be waiting for us, we didn’t know we’d be coming here!” said Michael.

“You may not have known, but the forest knew and it told me.  You are the one called Michael,” she said to him “and you are James she said turning to the other.”

“And who are you?” James asked.

“I’m known as Kitsune, and this is my home.  Not only the house, but all the forest you’ve been walking in.”

James had never heard of someone owning the forest, but Michael who’d lived many years in the area had heard of Kitsune.

“You are a witch!” Michael shouted as he pulled out his sword.

“No, I’m a Kami!  She laughed “and you are a ghost! You both died a week ago whilst wandering in that terrible snow storm.  Now, you may stay with me for a time before resuming your journey.”  She poured them a glass of wine and pulled out a fruit cake. “You are my guests.”