The Wooden Steed – Prose Poem – December 13, 2015

wooden horse- Innsbruck Christmas fair

Maegan lost her steed as she slept under an oak tree one summer’s eve in the country of Wales.  He was no standard steed, as indeed neither was she, as she was a winsome fairy maiden.  Her true love had carved him of the most precious wood then gifted it to her the day they were betrothed.  She could have wept, but knew it was quite useless, so she searched through the forest and the towns ’til he was found.  He was on a dull pavement impaled on a pole in front of a pub, her anger knew no bounds. So she ranted in rage, threw fairy dust around (the town shook in a quake ’til all were afraid) then Maegan took off with a bound on her steed; neither were seen there again.

© G.s.k. ‘15

October Rainy Day – Free Verse – October, 15, 2015


Ah – when all is said and finally done
And the last tear has fallen from the sky
Come, let me sing to you a lullaby
Of golden leaves and winter love …

Smell the mushrooms as they grow
And the sweet perfume of the woods
Sit here beside me as I light the fire
I’ll warm the wine I mixed with spices …

We’ll make love and pass the nights away
Until  the blackbird sings his song again
Then spring will have tiptoed in with the dawn
And I’ll have vanished in the warm morning sun …

Ah –  I’ll return when all is said and done
Upon the tears of an October rainy day
When trees are golden and skies are grey.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Wordleing – Near the Banyan Tree – November 25, 2014


do you hear the spirits – those most effable of creatures,
no it’s not the fall wind blowing – rustling the trees –
that susurrus you hear, dear friend, is their gay laughter –
it comes from there, deep inside the park – near the banyan.

hidden in an orchid, you’ll see them if you look closely –
just over there, dear, near the tall banyan tree
look! there’s a strange device, of spiraling helical design –
rooted in a tiny chasm … among the orchid’s blooms.

there are the delicate bijou like inhabitants – nude as stars –
copper-colored and haloed bright, pretty little sprites –
though I should not be telling you, but then, it doesn’t matter,
for you cannot do them harm,  they only come out for me.

(c) G.s.k. ’14

Linked to Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – Monday Wordle

Week 36

1. Halo 2. Susurrus (a soft murmuring) 3. Deep 4. Bijou (something small, delicate, and exquisitely wrought, a jewel) 5. Helical (spiral, having the form of a helix) 6. Chasm 7. Orchid 8. Fall 9. Etch 10. Copper 11. Root 12. Effable (expressible)


Monday Wordle – The Monster and his Fleas – August 4, 2014


The wordle contains 12 words those words are:

1. Petrichor (the scent of rain on dry earth) 2. Contempt 3. Emaciate 4. Monster 5. Wall  6. Scathe 7. Dwelling 8. Mutter 9. Dearth (scarcity, famine) 10. Starless 11. Restraint    12. Fleas

country road

The Monster and his Fleas

Petrichor arose from the fields
One dark starless night …
The emaciated monster
Sitting on a dry-stone wall
Wriggled his nose in contempt …
Disgustedly he muttered …
“We’re dearth of dryness
This horrid summer!”
Then clouted a tree with his club.
His fleas agreed,
Scathingly, as the rain
Washed away their brethren …
But with greater restraint.

Fireflies and Fairy lights – June 21, 2014

by Anja

by Anja

under the starlit sky
walking in the fields
beside the woods
a princess met her prince
one Midsummer’s night …

under the starlit sky
fireflies lit the fields
beside the woods
where the couple met to woo
one Midsummer’s night

under the starlit sky
a fairy passing stopped
beside the woods
watched the couple loving
one Midsummer’s night

under the starlit sky
fireflies and fairy light
beside the woods
inspired eternal devotion
one Midsummer’s night.

Anja’s Post for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie inspired this little poem … now I’ll try to get down to serous work … maybe with some help 😉

Photo Challenge – June 18, 2014

Tom Bagshaw

Tom Bagshaw

The merry band woke up that day
To play with turtles and take-away
Old Teddy in his top hat and tucks
Sat on the chair and tut- tut-tutted

“You can’t do that and not make waves!”
Said Teddy in his old tiresome way …
“When Isabel the nanny comes or the maid,
They’ll surely see the mess that you’ve made!”

Melaney socketless would have winked
But without eyes she couldn’t have blinked
“They’ll think it was the kiddies you know
So I’m going to have fun and you can just go!”

She went to the turtle tank and took out the lad
Went to the bathroom and then said: “Ye Gads!”
The tub was too high and the sink higher still …
Where would she find water for the basin to fill?

The turtle snapped at her, as turtles will do,
“Don’t you put me where they do their yucky poo!”
Luckily for him she saw the bright pink bidet
So she plopped him in there right away!

Teddy looked on and the turtle had fun,
Raggidy-Anne smiled wearing a bright red bun,
Gi – Joe was on guard to give out the call
If the nanny should have passed down the hall.

The take-away, quite soggy, was no good to eat
But ’twas fine for the turtle who loved the odd treat.
Then a call from the sentry made Melaney stop …
She ran like a flash to the scarred brown desk top.

In came the nanny all huffity uppity with a dish pan,
And ran to the bathroom where the water still ran!
She shouted and hollered calling on the gods
Seeing the bidet, the turtle and take-away gobs.

The children slept soundly, tucked in their beds,
Their little hands under their sweet little heads.
The nanny indulgent just cleaned up the mess
Put the turtle in his bowl and went off to rest.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge # 13

The Shepherd Boy – Sunday Fairy Tale

farmsThe Shepherd Boy

He rose to meet the morning sun
From his bed made of winter hay
Another day of work not play
Was written in his book of life.

Muck out the horses at crack of dawn
Milk the cows right afterwards …
Gather the eggs and take them in
For his master’s breakfast table.

Foundling, he lived out in the barn
He ate the scraps his master left,
Took the sheep out to the lawn
He’d never known another life.

One day as he lay out in the grass
He saw a fair damsel coming near
With flowing tresses and bright smile
She pulled up her horse to talk.

“Oh shepherd, bring to me some water
For I’m so thirsty I could swoon!”
He ran to the brook with his own cup
And brought to her the refreshing drink.

“Now shepherd tell me what is your name
For I wish to remember your gentleness!”
“I know not what my name may be,
My master just calls me bastard or kid!”

He was fair, his eyes vivid sky blue,
As tall and thin as a willow tree,
His kindness and soft-spoken ways
Touched the heart of the lady fair.

The lady sent her agents thence
To the master to make enquiries
Of the babe that he’d found out near his fence
Many long years before.

” ‘Twas spring and the laddy was asleep
Near the fence out with the sheep
I took him in, gave him a home
In my barn where he still sleeps anon.”

“I know nothing of his family,
He was about three when I found him
No one has come to look for him
But he had this pin upon his breast!”

The agent looked upon the pin,
His eyes opened wide as he looked at it,
For the symbol of the pin he knew well,
‘Twas the stem of his master’s clan.

Excited he rode to the castle near,
Where his master’s family were visiting.
He met his lord and told the tale,
Of the young man found out on a dale.

The damsel with her father flew,
Upon their horses out to the fields,
To meet the poor gentle shepherd boy
Whom the lady had met the day before.

Alas the story is quickly told
Upon an evening many years ago
A brigand had seen the lad in the grass
And had carried him away for gold.

The master of the Owen clan
Had an envious brother, Joss,
Who wished to remove his brother’s heir
Kill his brother and usurp his throne.

Brother Joss usurper failed his goal,
Losing his life in the battle hence…
But the lad was lost or so they thought
Until the maiden had asked for water.

She and he were of the same age,
Her twin had been the lad carried off.
The lord looked on the lad and smiled
At last he recognized his long-lost son.

“Lad, now come you with me, verily,
You are my lost  son stolen long ago …
You’ll return today into my home
Which is where you were meant to be!”

The farmer looked upon the scene
Thinking of problems he’d now to face:
Who’d muck the horses at the crack of dawn
Who’d bring to him his breakfast eggs.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menarerie – Fairy Tale Prompt #11

Cat Sith – April 28, 2014 – Quatrain Fairy Poem

Alfred Emile-Léopold Stevens - Belgian painter and author. "Allegory of the night"

Alfred Emile-Léopold Stevens – Belgian painter and author.
“Allegory of the night”

Fearsome feline of Celtic lores
Stalker of the Scottish moors …
She walks alone in darkest night,
On blackest fur glowing patch of white.

Her eyes are lamps that mesmerize.
Walk on moonlit nights, you might realize …
‘Tis she’s hunting there among the crags,
What you thought, just bits of shadowy rags.

Nine times she changes into a lass
When she wants to walk in daylit grass,
Among mankind in bright soft silks,
Aseducing the lads in their tartan kilts.

She is the Cat Sith, a fairy sure!
Though some think she is not so pure,
For her fur’s the color of sable black
And for her curious changling knack.

Inspired by the very informative post written by Flossie Benton Rogers entitled Mythic Monday: Cat Sith.

The Gnome and the Elf King – Fairy Poem (NaPoWriMo – April 26, 2014)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce upon one windy, dark and dreamy night
Walked I outside this world with a black light
Thinking, if by chance to Elf Land I should go
T’would be better the pathway I not know.

There I saw bright fairies and elves dance,
It really was only by my good chance,
I think if I’d walked with my lamp lit …
The aweful goblins would have made there hit!

The Elf King played on his magic flute,
No  trumpeter was he, who liked to toot!
His music seemed to make the stars to sing …
That made far off worlds to be seen.

I thought I’d wish upon a bright blue star,
That pulsed up in the black sky so far.
Don’t know if it was the right one but still,
Seemed it would give me what I willed.

“Oh beauty, oh harmony, in the sky above
Please send to me my own true love,
Bring to me wisdom and illumination
Bestow joyful peace upon this nation.”

The Elf King, did say as he smiled at me:
“What lovely wishes! I do so agree …
My kingdom fair will become your home,
Though you are just a lowly woodland gnome!”

This can’t be right I said unto myself,
“I’m sure that I too must be an elf!
No gnomes can visit this lovely land …
Gnomes have been forever banned.”

“This is true and without a doubt …
But miracles can happen,  they do come about…
You came here inside a human’s mind
And you made such wishes, oh so kind!”

The Elf King said: “This is what I have writ!
Your wishes are pure and they befit,
A lamp that lights the magic world
Of the stories I will now unfurl!”

There now was my lamp all aglow,
Before the world I soon would know …
Written in many languages, inside books
Not the half of which were storybooks.


Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Fairytale Prompt # 5


Faithful Lover – Fairy Poem – NaPoWriMo – April 18, 2014

© Aubrey Beardsley

© Aubrey Beardsley

She was a woman of extreme emotions
When she loved she wanted all …
Kisses and caresses did not suffice her
She needed to be loved body and soul.

Her lover’s knew not her inclinations,
To be content only when she was sure,
That no man could ever betray her
No one knew their word,  would not suffice.

When John came upon this lovely maiden
He beheld her night colored hair in silken strands
Her eyes like crystal pools of purest blue
Her form so lithesome, singing voice true …

He fell in love with her perfect body
He offered to be her own true love
She smiled at him and danced for him
Accepting the love he offered her.

On the day that they were wedded,
After the party and feasting done,
They lay upon their nuptial bed …
He fell asleep held in her arms.

Her guards came to her in the night
Instructed as they’d been before …
And with their terrible steely knives
Removed his head which they gave to her.

“Oh John my love, now I’m sure you’re true!
No one can be a truer lover than you…
For now you’ll never look at another
You’ll be for me, my eternal lover.”

Written for  Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Fairytale Prompt #4