How The Ostrich Lost his Wings – Fable – August 9, 2014


How The Ostrich Lost His Wings

Once upon a time in a far away land lived Ostrich.  He was a curious fellow, a big powerful bird who loved to play tricks on others – dive-bombing them, pooping on them and being an all together nuisance.

Kitsune had been the brunt of a few of his tricks and was fuming in her den not far from Owl’s tree.  Owl also had had to cope with Ostrich.

“Whooo … Kitsune, what’s bothering you today?” said the Owl

“That fat oversized chicken has to be stopped!”  shouted Kitsune.  “He’s a menace to all who live in these woods.  Today I was walking down the lane minding my own business, when down he swooped and pooped on me!”

“Oh my, it must have been awful to be covered in offal!” Said the Owl.  “Last week, I was chasing a mouse when the louse dropped some nuts on my head … I’m surprised I’m not dead!”

They exchanged tales and confabulated and raged then finally decided to go and consult with the wise old Man of the Mountain.

After listening to their tale, he meditated for a while.

“This is not the first time I’ve heard these stories about Ostrich.  I think it’s time that he learns a lesson he’ll never forget.” said the wise old Man of the Mountain.  And he told them what to do.

Kitsune and Owl went to Ostrich’s house right away, holding a gift wrapped pouch of herbs the Man in the Mountain had given them for him.

“Hello Ostrich … I’ve brought you a peace-offering and thought we might have a cup of tea together.” Said Kitsune when she saw him basking in the sun, his great wings sprawled open the gather all the warmth he could get at that early hour of the morning.

Owl intoned: “What lovely shiny wings you’ve got dear Ostrich.  So many beautiful shades of blue and white … so suitable for flight!”

Ostrich knew that they were both pretty angry with him and so was on the defensive … “Hey listen guys, I know you’re mad at me, but I was just having a little fun the other day. No offense meant.”

“And no offense taken!” both Owl and Kitsune replied.

So Kitsune put on a pot of water and began to prepare some tea … Owl did a little dance to entertain Ostrich (or so Ostrich thought, but it was part of the enchantment they’d been given by the Man of the Mountain).

Once the tea was ready, Ostrich drank avidly, not noticing that neither Owl of Kitsune drank a drop of theirs.

He instantly fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

Kitsune pulled out of the pouch Ostrich had accepted and opened a pair of golden scissors and clipped the brilliant blue feathers off of Ostrich’s wings, leaving only soft stubby white feathers.

When he woke up he stretched and yawned and thought he’d go play some more tricks on Kitsune and Owl since they’d been such good sports, when to his horror he discovered that his wings were now just stubby white little things, quite useless for flight!

He whined and he howled at the perfidy of the two and soon grew into a faint-hearted bird who would run away at the first sound of danger, whether real or not hiding his head in the sand (so people say) so as not to see what was going on around him.

That my lovely lad is why even today, Ostrich’s children all have short stubby white wings, can’t fly and hide their head in the sand (or so people say) when danger is at hand.

The moral of the story is this … you can be as big and powerful as you like but if you are cruel to others, they’ll eventually find a way to clip your wings.  Off to bed now!

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie



Kitsune and the Strawberry Wine – Fairy Tale: May 17, 2014

Minou was sad as she sat by the river under the old willow tree.  She’d hoped to have something special to give to her beloved for his birthday, but could find nothing worthy of him.

A beautiful young woman came passing by with a bottle in her hand.  She stopped and looked at Minou and said:

“What troubles you, my lady, that you sigh here under the willow branches?”

“My own true love will come of age tomorrow and I’ve nothing to give him for his birthday.” Minou replied and sighed again.

“Maybe I can help you.  I just came from my Grandmother’s home and I have this bottle of strawberry wine.  I’ve tasted it in the past and it’s delicious.  I will give it to you if you will invite me to your wedding the day you marry. But remember the wine is for him, you mustn’t drink even a drop or you’ll die!”

So Minou without thinking twice took the bottle of strawberry wine from her new friend, whose name was Kitsune by the way, took it home, wrapped it and the next morning offered it to her love when they met near the river.

“Oh, what a wonderful idea Minou!” He said, “I will open it this evening and we will drink it together!”

“No Michael … this is only for you.  It’s a special wine given to me by my friend and she says no one else should drink even a drop of it, just you!”

“Ah, that’s silly … I want you to taste it with me or I won’t accept the gift at all!”

They nearly had an argument and to calm the waters Minou said she’d promised not to drink the wine but he could pour her a thimble full and they would toast with it on their wedding night.  She herself was actually curious about the taste of the wine since she loved strawberries, but a promise is a promise.

That evening, Michael’s family threw him a big party and his wedding was announced at the culmination of the festivities.  Their wedding date was set for the 21st of June, they thought it would be nice to celebrate the first day of summer in one another’s arms.

Finally the day came.  Minou was being dressed in her wedding gown when Kitsune appeared in her room.

“My dear Minou, you forgot to send me my invitation!” Kitsune said in a petulant voice.

“Oh no dear friend … you forgot to give me your address!  But here is your invitation.  In fact if you wish you may sit in the first row with the royal family to watch the ceremony.”

Kitsune had to admit that she’d neglected to give Minou her address and was very pleased to be seated with the royal family.

Once they were married they all went to the party field to celebrate both summer’s coming and the new couple.  There was dancing and merriment.  They cut the cake and then Michael brought out the bottle of strawberry wine.

He poured a glass of wine for himself and a thimble full of wine for Minou. Which he left on the table.

“May our love last through-out eternity and may no one ever come between us.”  They twined arms and he drank. Instantly, he backed away from her and said:

“Who are you?  Where is my true love?” he said.

Kitsune stepped up, “Here I am my love, I’ve been waiting for this moment!  You’ve finally drunk my summer wine! Now you are mine!” and she began to laugh.

Minou was surprised that her friend should have betrayed her in such a way but she was very quick, so she went to the table and drank her thimble of wine saying:

“Ah I die, but all will know you for the little traitor you are!”

Lightening flashed across the clear blue sky and dark clouds formed.  Suddenly, Kitsune as transformed into a fox.

Michael looked at them both feeling rather confused.  He no longer knew what to think but the spell had somehow been broken.

At that moment an old woman walked up to the table.

“Ah…so that’s where my bottle of wine got to!” she said.  “It was a good thing for you my young man that you’d poured some for your new wife.  If she’d just drunk the wine, she would have died, because the wine was given to you.  But you offered it to her, so my dear niece’s plan was foiled and your bride is safe.”  she picked up the fox and disappeared and with them the memory of what had happened vanished as well as the bottle of strawberry wine on the table.

Inspired by Anja from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Fairy Tale Prompt #8




The Gnome and the Elf King – Fairy Poem (NaPoWriMo – April 26, 2014)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce upon one windy, dark and dreamy night
Walked I outside this world with a black light
Thinking, if by chance to Elf Land I should go
T’would be better the pathway I not know.

There I saw bright fairies and elves dance,
It really was only by my good chance,
I think if I’d walked with my lamp lit …
The aweful goblins would have made there hit!

The Elf King played on his magic flute,
No  trumpeter was he, who liked to toot!
His music seemed to make the stars to sing …
That made far off worlds to be seen.

I thought I’d wish upon a bright blue star,
That pulsed up in the black sky so far.
Don’t know if it was the right one but still,
Seemed it would give me what I willed.

“Oh beauty, oh harmony, in the sky above
Please send to me my own true love,
Bring to me wisdom and illumination
Bestow joyful peace upon this nation.”

The Elf King, did say as he smiled at me:
“What lovely wishes! I do so agree …
My kingdom fair will become your home,
Though you are just a lowly woodland gnome!”

This can’t be right I said unto myself,
“I’m sure that I too must be an elf!
No gnomes can visit this lovely land …
Gnomes have been forever banned.”

“This is true and without a doubt …
But miracles can happen,  they do come about…
You came here inside a human’s mind
And you made such wishes, oh so kind!”

The Elf King said: “This is what I have writ!
Your wishes are pure and they befit,
A lamp that lights the magic world
Of the stories I will now unfurl!”

There now was my lamp all aglow,
Before the world I soon would know …
Written in many languages, inside books
Not the half of which were storybooks.


Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Fairytale Prompt # 5