Friday Fictioneers: 6 December 2013

Copyright -Randy Mazie

Copyright -Randy Mazie

Genre: Fiction


“Hey Bill!” I shouted at an old friend shambling down the sidewalk.

“Why if it isn’t May Lou, now when did you get here?” he replied as he walked over to my car.

“Let’s go over to the café!”

“Closed.” He replied laconically.

“Well hop in any way.”

We drove around.  All I could see were new fancy fast foods…and a huge warehouse like structure.

“Geez! What’s been happening here.”

“Well, first of all there was the Wal-Mart.  We thought it’d bring prosperity, so no one objected…when the Mom’s and Pop’s couldn’t compete…of course the franchises closed down the small cafés…”

Word count: 100

I wrote this prompted by the above photograph furnished by Friday Fictioneers.  On my last two visits to the United States after having been gone for about 40 years I was surprised to see how the small shops and cafés had all but become extinct in the area where my family originates. The Main streets were for the most part abandoned and many places like in the picture were boarded up. Small towns now often don’t even have a place where people can go and have a coffee and a chat. They’ve come isolated dormitories, no grocery stores either, everyone had to drive several miles just for a gallon of milk.  The above were a couple of the explanations given at the time, though things are probably more complicated. So, yes it’s fiction…but only just.