Friday Fictioneer – From the Sea – July 4, 2014

From the Sea

The archaeologists had looked at each other surprised. Then Johnson gave the signal to surface.
Pulling themselves onboard the research yacht they beamed excitedly.

“We’ve found it at last!” Shouted Johnson.

“Yes there’s no doubt about it!” Confirmed Livingston, “We’ve finally found Atlantis!”

They’d run under deck and connected their camera to the computer. For the first time, in recent history, the great king of Atlantis, shimmering in deep sea green, was seen.

Thanks to the Hubert Foundation, work soon began to recover the artefacts which are here on view for all of us to see. Come this way, please!

Written for Friday Fictioneers – July 4, 2014


Friday Fictioneers – March 21 2014


Of Halfbacks and Elevators

I got into the elevator in the old Roman hotel and was about to close the gate when two American halfbacks hailed me to let them in.

We started up to the third floor with a thunk.

The elevator shivered and shook.

Unfortunately, I looked at the sign overhead and it read: “Maximum weight: 150 Kilos”.

A cold sweat rolled down my back.

Between the three of us, we weighed far more than 150 Kilos.

Finally the elevator reached our floor … almost, there was still a foot to go.

I got out quickly and vowed never to use it again.


Written for Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers: 3 January 2014

A note from Rochelle: To start off the year with a bit of whimsy, I’m posting my daughter-in-law’s picture of their tree-climbing dog. She assures me that this is untouched and not photo-shopped. Yep, that’s my granddaughter watching.

A note from Rochelle: To start off the year with a bit of whimsy, I’m posting my daughter-in-law’s picture of their tree-climbing dog. She assures me that this is untouched and not photo-shopped. Yep, that’s my granddaughter watching.

Long John’s Dare

“You see who’s coming up the trail.” meowed Sabre Eyes.

“I can certainly see farther if I’m up in that tree.” barked Long John.

“Problem is, dogs can’t climb trees!”

If there is anything that can make Long John see red, it is the phrase that begins: “dogs can’t…”. 

He studied the tree, observed his feline friend Brownie,  then began to try. It took him two weeks but there he was…he’d found his trail up the tree! 

“Humph!” said Long John to himself…”dogs can’t climb trees…ah yeah!”

Then he discovered what every cat knows…it’s getting down a tree that’s tricky…

(word count 100)

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS: 22 November 2013

The Friday Fictioneers photo prompt this week is to say the least, interesting!

Cyber Dating

(Year 2141)

Mary looked at her MMS shaking her head. She’d been dating James for over a month but the situation was becoming tiresome.  With him, it was always drama!

She turned to Beverly:

“Would you just look at this!”

“Oh my, he’s really falling to pieces over you!  Whatever are you going to do?”

“To begin with have a recharge then call the cyberpsycologist!”

She and Beverly walked into the café.

“Can I help you ladies?” asked the waiter.

“I’ll just need a quick recharge.” Mary said.

The waiter brought her a small battery pack and she plugged in.

Word count: 100


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Friday Fictioneers: November 1, 2013 – Haibun: Koi

This is the photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers this week:




Kiko and James walked through the garden stopping by her koi pond.  The air was finally warming up as summer grew closer. Continue reading

Wednesday Short Story Prompt #22 – Mysterious Island

For Lilith at WDBWP write about a mysterious island that just happens to pop up near your coast line.   As some of you may know, I live near the largest lake in Europe, Lake Garda…so I’ll imagine an island popping up there! (It’ll have to be smallish though).


We awoke that morning as the earth shook with a roar.  The wind chimes began to tinkle without any wind and every dog in the neighborhood began to howl.  A few cracks appeared in the plaster-work and a couple of pictures fell off the wall, fortunately that was all the damage my house suffered.

Turning on the radio later that morning, the news was on every station, even those that usually had nothing to say in the way of current events. Seems that in the middle of Lake Garda, not far from Riva, an island had mysteriously appeared.

I decided to go have a look for myself.  I jumped on my moped and off I sped, my good old trusty camera in my purse.

It seemed I wasn’t the only curious Polly to want to get a look at the newest feature of our Lake and I was lucky I’d decided to take my moped or I probably wouldn’t have been able to get to the lake before evening.  Even so, I had to park about a kilometer away and walk to the lake itself.

All the entrances to the lake front were closed off.  Carabinieri and local policemen were stationed to make sure no one got near.  I decided to call my friend, the director of Hotel Du Lac a lakefront hotel, to see if he wouldn’t let me go into the hotel’s garden.  He was very excited and said: “Sure, you’ve got to see this!”

Ten minutes later, I arrived and the guard let me through.  I went to Luigi’s office and he invited me up to his penthouse terrace, since the garden was too full of tourists.

The sight I saw justified a lot of the hullabaloo.  There not 500 meters from the shore was a tiny island, which I’d expected.  What I hadn’t expected was a white marble shrine, muddied yes, but you could still see that it was perfectly white.  In the middle of the shrine, there was a statue of a mermaid!

I began putting my zoom lens on my Canon.  Then, the floor started to tremble, a rumble of moving earth roared in my ears.  We started running for the stairs as the overhead lamps danced tingling crazily.  People were shouting everywhere, the whole place was in a state of chaos! The earthquake seemed to go on forever and it also seemed a lot worse than in the early morning.  Finally, the earth stopped moving the rumbling stopped.

Everyone was out in the middle of the street by now, and it really was a miracle that there seemed to be so little damage done!  Unfortunately though, the island had been sucked back into the lake.

 (I’m terribly sorry this is so late dear Lilith, and I would have liked to work more on it…)