We Drink Inspiration – Poetry Prompt #008: Poetry

A Tanka Series for Sahm King

My Favorite Form

lights yellow haloed
whimsical should be the morn
yet that silent shroud
implodes upon my ear-drums
creating a somber song

morning concert fog
drip drip after cold wet drop
think I’ll go to bed
my hair will frizz in this mess
besides I still have a cough

what a lousy mess
could cut the gunk with a knife
by my life! oh dear
a bit hyperbolic, yes…
and not even a good rhyme

so my dear Sahm King
I wrote this series for you
the tanka is my thing
a haiku or a choka
or sedoka are fine too

on this Friday morn
all foggy and glum and wet
looking at your prompt
the words flowed along like this
so I’ve sent them off thus so