A to Z Challenge – The Letter J – April 12, 2016

jujube tree

jujube tree

In Jupiter’s jungle grow jujubes and junipers,
be-jewelled with jaded leaves and juicy fruits.
Julianne or Jennifer joyed in the fruits
And often junketed into the jungle.

Juno became jealous when her be-jowled
jovial old satyr went *jocking into the jungle,
looking for Julianne or Jennifer
Junketing for jujube fruits.

“Justice!” thought Juno,
(Juggling her Japanese
Jewelled shuriken)
“Justice and revenge!”

Justifiably worried, Jennifer was well read,
She avoided the jovicentric
Jungle as much as she could
Refusing to junket with Julianne again.

Julianne, a juvenile jitterbug queen,
Jubilantly jazz danced with Jupiter
‘Til his joints were like jellybeans,
Effectively curtailing his amorous jousting.

But Juno was jealous just the same
Unjustifiably jaundiced against women,
(Jupiter just could do Juno no wrong)
Until a certain joker Jinn jumped in.

With its Janus face, jolly and jeering,
The Jinn jostled her into being just!
She turned the tables and jocularly,
With Jacobean judiciousness,
Jiggled jellyfish into the Jovian jock strap.

© G.s.k. ‘16

*jocking: to engage in flirtatious behavior with another; to crush on someone; to hit on someone Brandon, constantly laughing, smiling, lightly touching and generally talking up a storm, was jocking Amanda.
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

At the Akashic Library – Prolonged Winter

fiction section - libraryProlonged Winter

Bastet came into the reading room of the Akashic Library and immediately saw Sekhmet laying back in her easy chair, reading.

“Sekhmet! It’s snowing again down on the Earth!  Whatever do you think is going on!  I mean it’s nearly the end of March…” Bastet said a little disgruntled.

“Isn’t it obvious?” replied Sekhmet at her hauntiest, “Persephone has warmed up to Hades lately and doesn’t want to get out of bed!”

“Oh come-on!”

“No really.  They’ve had a meeting of minds and well…not only.  You do know that once she surfaces again she won’t see him for quite a few months!”

“Well, so, Demeter is being a douche about the situation?  She could at least leave off with the snow!”

“Well, I saw her the other day. She told me that Persephone and Hades did come up for a visit. You might have noticed because, as you know, the flowers came with her.  But Demeter started her mother-in-law act, denigrating Hades, so Persephone went back home with him to show her independence of her mom.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Well…it is snowing again, what do you think?”

“Damn family feuds!”

“Yeah…tell your human, Georgia, to pull her down quilt out of its bag for another couple of days.” she said as she returned to her book.  The title was: The Man Who Came Out of the Cold .