Free Verse: Carousel of Life

Oneiric carousel

Free Verse

Carousel of Live

Another day on the carousel

spinning like a top!

Aren’t I happy to know

that all things are transient…


is always

sought after

but reflect

be careful of what you wish:


is movement

it’s life

and permanence

is death.

Seeking Buddha

inside yourself


to discover


Peace is in the whole

embracing life

and all

it’s follies



This was the lesson learnt

under the bodhi tree.

Free Verse: Arco my home

Yellow fields and mountains

Biking through the vineyards

Entering my ancient town

Thinking of past and future

And all the things I’ve done

What lucky intuition

Brought me to you

Oasis of calm and beauty

Font of inspiration

How I love you my dearest

Long sought out home

My heart swells up just to name you

As I do now with a contented sigh