Friday Fictioneers – Haibun – September 11, 2015

PHOTO PROMPT - © Jennifer Pendergast

Lying in the canoe that last day before leaving the lake, daydreaming of a life following the seasons.  Each day flowing into another, becoming the seasons. Living off the land, gathering its fruits, hunting for food and clothing.

Watching the clouds pass overhead, listening to the sound of the birds, the wind and a cicada’s last summer song.  In his head a question: how have we come so far from Eden?

Heavy grey clouds formed over head, a flash of lightening and a rumble of thunder shook him from his dreams.

as raindrops falls
running for shelter
Eden is lost

© G.s.k. ‘15

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Friday Fictioneers – photo credits: © Jennifer Pendergast

The Michelin Man – Haibun . November 22, 2014

Claire Fuller (7)

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Claire Fuller


I remember when the garage opened in 1966 and grew up walking past The Michelin Man every morning going to school.

Years later, when my son Harry was little, he’d squeal with delight when he’d see that vision from outer space.

The place grew older and shabbier. The proprietor went into retirement leaving the garage to his eldest. George-Michael didn’t have his heart in the business, he’d wanted to be a singer.  It wasn’t a surprise when he decided to close the doors  mentioning the economic crisis.

old  Mr. Michelin
changes through the years

(c) G.s.k. ’14


An Extra:

Michelin collage_small

I remember seeing the Michelin Man the first day I arrived in Italy, somewhere in Milan going from the airport to the train station. Over the years, his image, on television and in garages gradually changed. From a stout old debauchee with a cigar in his mouth advertising bicycle tires, he’s became a streaking slim white (young) outer-space sort of person advertising automobile tires. Gone is the cigar too .. no longer socially acceptable 😉

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