Friday Fictioneers – From Sea to Shining Sea – Memoirs- January 11, 2015

Begin the Route

Back in 1959, returning from the Philippines, my family (that is my Mother and Father) decided to see America. We arrived in Los Angeles and the next day started driving across the great nation in our new station wagon.

Over the mountains, into the desert, we even passed Salt Lake City by night, my Mom told me, “There’s not one nail in that temple!” A week’s stay at Grandma’s in Illinois, then onward to New Jersey.

The only thing I remember of the trip is miles and miles of road … but we crossed the nation from sea to shining sea.

G.s.k. ‘15

dividerWritten for Friday Fictioneers PHOTO PROMPT – © Copyright Jean L. Hays

Friday Fictioneers – The Bath – September 12, 2014

For Friday Fictioneers:

Copyright - Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb

Laying back in the tub
mind wandering in the mist …
perfumed water,
delights my skin and nose
I wander …
in a fairy world of senses
candle-light and soft music,
is there no sense I’ve forgotten
this Sunday afternoon
of total full immersion in pleasure

Sound, smell, vision, touch …
and …
Yes ..
the last but most important –
my bitter-sweet piece of chocolate.

Languorous …
the troubles of the world melt
with the hot water –
Silly thoughts:
maybe our leaders need to bathe more …
funny …
many saints never took bathes,
was that Saint Claire or Agnes?
(c) G.s.k.

Friday Fictioneers – June 6, 2014 (Satori Haibun)

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Candles and incense burnt and whilst listening to the shakuhachi I travelled beyond the room into the world of Basho:

the winter storm
hid in the bamboo grove
and quieted away

There alone yet surrounded by the haiku master’s verse, peace descended and the sound of one hand clapping echoed through my mind. The wind of the storm shook the roof tiles the warmth of the fire crackled. The nearness of Satori, tangible, snow began to fall slowly covering the terrace. The here and now – soft white harmony.

winter reflections
the snow grows ever higher
quieting the soul

Beltane’s Leftovers…Friday Fictioneers – May 3, 2014

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Renee Heath

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Renee Heath

Candles burned along the mantle,
(Someone forgot to buy the drip-less sort)
Megan (cleaning lady) has to find a way
To clean the mess up as the day begins …

Witches made merry under the mellow light
Dancing, singing for Beltane feasting …
Alas, alas, and sigh … all good things come to an end
Upon the first light of day Megan looked forlorn.

The last wisps of incense filled the air
As she began to clear the trash…
Spring was properly celebrated
Now to return to daily routines.

Boredom ‘tis life … separated by special moments … she thought.

Written for Friday Fictioneers May 2, 2014

Friday Fictioneers – 18 April 2014

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Clearing out some junk, Jamie came across an old diving helmet.

“I’m Darth Vader’s grandpa!” he wheezed “The empire is ours!!
Problems began, when he tried to take the darn thing off!
“Shit…it’s stuck! I can’t breathe!” he shouted.
“Just keep calm, the little window opens, you’ve got plenty of air.” I replied.
Try as we might, the thing was definitely stuck. It might have been funny as a TV sketch but …
In the end, I had to call the fire department hoping they could solve this problem.
When the fire Chief walked in, he sniggered: “Whoa! Darth Vader’s grandpappy!”

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I’ve been terribly busy over the past few weeks preparing my husband for major surgery then going back and forth out of town to the hospital…so have not been able to do much reading.  Hopefully things will calm down soon.  Have a great week-end everyone!

Friday Fictioneers – January 10, 2014

Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau

Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau


our castle fortress,
it looked out upon the Med
once ’twas a house, bland…
then magic – mysterious,
erosion created…
our whimsical pink refuge:
today’s pirate cove,
tomorrow’s deep space station,
we’d hidden from spies,
we’d fought green and red dragons!
ah the season’s pass…
we don’t know how it happened
life became smaller
our refuge seemed to shrink-up
our games changed by then
we hid to smoke cigarettes
steal a kiss or two…
the season’s passed on,
poof! all the magic was gone…
no castle fortress,
just  a sea-side derelict
lying in the cove, over there.

Word count 97 for Friday Fictioneers