Imabookworm … a friendly prompt (fun poem)

Today I went to visit a fellow blogger…who’s just starting out in this wonderful fantasy world we call blogosphere. The name of the blog is Imabookworm…and here was a friendly prompt offered…by a friend of course!

Plastic Pigs and Pizza,

This is what I wrote in the comments (I have “poetized” it here):

Pretty was the plastic piggy poster,
Perfectly presenting,
Preposterous perceptions of pepperoni pizzas;
The painters predicted presumptuously that,
The portentous poster could possibly pose problems
To the preponderant portion of the passersby
Who would be pottering past.

To read what Imabookworm came up with…drop by the blog, and why not add your own comment too!

Have a great day!  Bastet