Morning Haiku and Waka – A Phoenix Arises – March 4, 2016

Tree of life

those vicious teeth
hidden behind happy smiles
and open doors
shuddering in armour
tend your bow for battle

and friends
walking in other valleys
remember you
how the days passed in silence
awaiting the dove’s coo

after the storm
even the clouds are silver
denying damage
what are a few fallen trees
what are crumbled houses

from the ashes
again the phoenix rises
in a pocket
ink flows from a stolen pen
upon hidden bits of paper

walk tall
no need for shame
life takes its toll

© G.s.k. ‘16

Recently our fellow writer and blogger and one of my dearest friends had a breakdown … she’s now beginning to arise from the ashes of this event and has shared with us the haiku and waka she wrote whilst in hospital.

It’s easy to hurt people in our virtual blogging world.  Often we don’t even think of the people we connect with each day as real live flesh and blood people with their frailties, fears, hopes and tears.  It’s too simple to lose sight of their reality.  Sometimes narcissists reflect themselves in us, easy mirrors for them,  preening themselves as mentors and admirers. Picking the scabs of wounds they know nothing about … because it makes them feel powerful.  At other times people ingenuously bare their souls thinking they’re in a private safe world … when they’re under the eyes of absolutely everyone.

The world of Internet is actually just like the rest of the world with all its monsters and marvels.  The only problem is, we sometimes don’t have our defences up not realizing that Internet is truly like being in a glass house world – we are vulnerable but think we’re safe because we’re sitting in a safe place and writing alone.  We sometimes even think we’re just writing down our thoughts for ourselves.  Then we push “publish” and potentially 7 billion people can walk through the meandering world that is our thoughts.

A while back my friend had a close encounter with a narcissist and like her, a few other women I’ve been in contact with through blog writing over the past couple of years, have been visited by him.  She has had her problems being a survivor … he found an easy prey.  He is not the reason she had a break-down but he was the person who first pushed her out of her balance, out of her wa or sense of harmony.  I mention this only as a warning to others.  We write, sometimes we bare our souls and so we are open to predators who look like admirers or mentors but who are only narcissists seeking to use us to reflect their personal vision of their would-be greatness.

Be safe – be cautious – be warned.


For J My Friend – 3 Mōjō-ku – October 20, 2015


rain fall
my bright sunny harbour
and all around sadness
looms up
my soul

I smile
she makes me so happy
uplifts my trodden soul

© G.s.k. ‘15

From one of my mistakes (B&P Shadorma and Beyond – The Trinet – October 17, 2015) a new poetic form is born, the 3 Mōjō-ku (in English a tri-netted ku), thanks to a conversation with  J. Lapis – she wrote this brilliant poem to celebrate the new form and give me credit for creating it [link] -this is a very difficult moment for me, which she could not have known, as indeed no one knows I think, but her poem has uplifted me and encourages me to try to keep writing and hopefully creating poetry and stories that someone will want to read.  Thanks J. with all my heart.

OctPoWriMo Day 9 – Friends (Haibun) – October 9, 2015

Another day, another season passing and with it’s passing tomorrow is born. The two young men go tramping along the country road behind the cemetery wading through the dry fallen leaves walking Michael’s dog.  Theirs is an odd relationship. Months  pass and seemingly they lose sight of one another as each follows a different trail, only to catch-up with their life-long relationship in the first seconds of their coming together again.  Their friendship has withstood the ravages of time, girlfriends and life choices.  Comfortable in the exchange of their experiences (they remind me of two scientists or perhaps philosophers exchanging notes) they console each other making suggestions of how to help the other’s dreams come true. The church bell strikes the hour, they separate, not knowing when the next encounter will be but sure they will meet again.

afternoon in fall
the graveyard is decked out –
bright chrysanthemums

 © G.s.k. ‘15


“Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.”  by Kahlil Gibran (found on dVerse – Haibun Monday)

Friendship – June 12, 2015

A gift from Tumbler

we walked together
not always hand in hand
our goals common
always sharing good and bad
whispered secrets
we shared – our strength our love
as time passed
the bond seemed stronger still
though life is funny
in just one short moment
something changed
though we’re still the best of friends
we each walk another road

Walking in a vale of tears, or laughing into the rain and sun, what makes this life more livable is the one you can call, your friend.  Lovers, spouses, siblings and other relationships … though lasting, satisfying and intimate often lack that special quality that we call friendship.  We often say our spouse is our friend … but usually that’s not true. The very nature of marriage precludes the altruistic quality that should be found in friendship. Or maybe I’m just “wishfully” thinking that it’s possible to know someone and share who one really is, without a mask, without holding back.

a knot of love
invisible to all but us

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for: Heeding Haiku With HA: Friendship

Līgo Haibun Challenge – Quote Prompt

Ese’s Voice: Ligo Haibun Challenge – Quote

“In giving you are throwing a bridge across the chasm of your solitude.”

Giulio stood on the dock, wondering about the day when Mary would return.  He felt disconsolate as once again he would return to an empty house. He cat was soon out of sight.  He walked slowly towards where he’d parked his car .

A young couple had parked next to his car.  They seemed to be German tourists. He didn’t speak German, but seeing their distressed look he tried asking what was wrong in English.

“I don’t know.” said the young man, “My car won’t start.”

Giulio, after asking permission, lifted the hood to see if any wires were loose.  Sure enough, the battery cable was barely attached.  He fixed it in its place and invited the man to try again.  The car roared to life.

“Wunderbar!” they shouted together smiling and clapping their hands. Then hopped out of their car to shake his hand.

“We’re going to have dinner in a short while, would you not be our guest?” the lady asked him.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that lasted long after they left for home two weeks later.

out of solitude
chickadees sing in summer
a friendly gesture

For a friend – Shadorma – June 14, 2014

For a Friend

rainy day
something iintimate
like sad tears
daily cares
when the sun returns I find
my silver lining

what can a grey day be?
a memory

my dear friend
lost in her deep thoughts
under a warm bright duvet
sleep creeps quietly

Written for my friend Cheryl-Lynn


Carpe Diem #393, Kumadaniji (Temple 8)

Logo CD February

I usually don’t copy but link to the Carpe Diem stories which inspire the haiku I write for this blog, but this one particularly interested me because recently I happened to speak to a good friend of mine of the bodhisattva of compassion.

Guanyin or Senju Kannon in Japanese is the bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists, usually as a female. The name Guanyin is short for Guanshiyin, which means “Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World”. She is also sometimes referred to as Guanyin. Some Buddhists believe that when one of their adherents departs from this world, they are placed by Guanyin in the heart of a lotus, and then sent to the western pure land of Sukhāvatī.”


compassionate heart
listening – understanding
stopping the stigma


along your pathway
where to turn in troubled times
she is waiting there
a calm compassionate friend
with her understanding ear

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Written for a bodhisattva in training…

Ligo Haibun Challenge: January 3, 2014


Picture by kind permission of Ines Williamson

Winter is such a lovely time of the year to take an early evening’s walk.  The yellow city fog lights create a special golden quality to the air.  I love how the bridges and over passes are illuminated. The total effect is something magical…like out of a fairy story.

Walking with Stephen during this winter’s Christmas break was really something special.  We laughed a lot and created stories about the people who passed us on the street. Sometimes we inspired ourselves with a single word we caught from a conversation…like the time:


“Ok…A flash of light filled the night air blinding almost everyone..”
“Except for the Willow Mage, who’d been looking in the directions of the Black Knight!”
“Who are you, oh Black Knight, the mage asked in his most imperious voice…because intimately he was really afraid.”
“Brave Mage…your people has been enchanted by a special light which flickering whitely in a box has blinded everyone to life’s reality!”
And at this point Stephen pulled out a box of cough drops from his pocket and began to pretend he was doing an “infomercial”!

“That’s right ladies and gentlemen, take it from the Black Knight…just one drop of this magic elixir is all you’ll need and your cough will disappear in a flash!”

We laughed as we arrived at the pizzeria for dinner.

laughing creating warmth
golden evenings

Ligo Haibun Picture Prompt

Huitain: For Cubby

summer swans


For Cubby

I’ll speak to you of springtime’s love
When days grow dark I’ll show you light
The songs of blackbirds from above
Will sing each day for your delight
I’ll chase away the snow storms blight
Exile for you the morning frost
Pass then that season with delight
Sunshining heart your smile not lost.

Written in answer to Cubby’s Instead.