High-Coo = Cow Poke haiku – July 27, 2014

Jules Paige is having fun … and inviting us to throw in our ideas with this fun prompt:New ku’ : High-Coo = Cow Poke Haiku.  Maybe there will be other prompts so keep in touch … this was the most recent:

High-Coo = Cow Poke haiku

No countin’ syllables, 10 paces (words more or less).
Traditional haiku styles accepted

with an example:

Lucus ain’t about backen’ down none.
When the need arises ;
He speaks real clear with that rifle gun

squint, Clint, squint!
Man With No Name tries to aim
in the mid-day glare
black-hatted villain
clomps into the boom town saloon –
piano man pales

Thanks to: ©JR of Blogitorloseit

Now for me ….


ridin’ rough all day
got me shot o’ lightnin’ waitin’
round my place

darn hen ain’t layin’
gonna have chick’n soup
tomorra night

cherry pickin’
hard work, Slim, get me some gin
need some refreshin’

©  G.s.k. ’14

Moonshine! – Wordleing – July 13, 2014


manufactured, honors, cheeky, side, millions, eclipse, hide, lackluster, shot, room, piece, throat

The cheeky lackluster shoemaker,
Manufactured millions of sleazy shoes,
For those who sought the dubious honors
Of being on the evening news ..

The President cleared his throat,
Before he made his speech,
He’d written and rewritten the piece
‘Til he could recite back to front ..

The shoemaker puffed up his chest,
When he saw the president:
“He’s worn my brand of shoes!”
He whispered to the bar-room guests…

But the news was soon eclipsed,
By the shot that shook the world ..
Little Tomasito Ghandi-Bloom
Sent a mini rocket, to the dark side of the moon!

“Now hide your heads in shame!”
Said a man without a name,
“‘Cause of what a mixed-blood kid could do,
Spending just over seventy-seven sou!”