The Cat, The Dog and The Yellow Bird – fun poem – January 9, 2015

The Cat, The Dog and The Yellow Bird

Yum Yum kitty
Was a naughty little cat
Meowing in the kitchen
He spat at the dog.

Bow-wow went Ol’ Spot
He wagged his stubby tale,
Then crunched his moldy bone
And went plop on the couch.

Twitty Titty yellow bird
Chitter-chattered in his cage
Watched all the fun below
‘Til the cat caught him in his gaze
With a purr in his belly
Kitty leaped up with a whoosh
Going poing off the bars
He went smack on the ground.

Ol’ Spot growled and barked
Twitty Titty squawked and  screeched
‘Til the mistress with a pitter patter
Ran to see the cause of all the clatter …

In a blink of an eye, seeing what was the matter,
She wacked that naughty kitty
With her broom and swept him
Swoosh, right out the door!

© G.s.k. ‘15

Onomatopoeia for Chris

Imabookworm … a friendly prompt (fun poem)

Today I went to visit a fellow blogger…who’s just starting out in this wonderful fantasy world we call blogosphere. The name of the blog is Imabookworm…and here was a friendly prompt offered…by a friend of course!

Plastic Pigs and Pizza,

This is what I wrote in the comments (I have “poetized” it here):

Pretty was the plastic piggy poster,
Perfectly presenting,
Preposterous perceptions of pepperoni pizzas;
The painters predicted presumptuously that,
The portentous poster could possibly pose problems
To the preponderant portion of the passersby
Who would be pottering past.

To read what Imabookworm came up with…drop by the blog, and why not add your own comment too!

Have a great day!  Bastet

A Riddle – May 22, 2014

Riddle me and I’ll riddle you …
Four great philosophers raise up on a mound …
Visiting some but only if they’ve turned twenty-one
Their name speaks of sagacity
Though no one knows quite why … and
Like Torquemada … they’ve been known to torture at times …
If you know the two and thirty horses
Who live in this kingdom
You’ll soon know the name
Of these infamous beings.

For those who wish to participate, I’ve put this poll up, but I’m not sure it will work properly as a collector of answers … one never knows.  So if you have an idea put your answer in “other” and if you like you can also answer the other two questions, which were necessary to create the poll in the first place … or you might put your answer in as a comment.  Hope you have fun!  Georgia

Moon Garden – May 1, 2014 (Free Verse)


By Oloriel Moonshadow

The night was bright,
Shone down the moon,
Upon my weary head …
The garden though was
A Mystic ruse, a shadow
Though beautiful,
And so, I fled.
It was colored
In Cyanide and Cherry
And though inviting,
I knew it’s venom.
Inconstant moon,
With your shining light …
You promised me the world.

The sweetness of a fairy garden …
The sweetness of romance.
Your seductive call came to me
As I walked the garden path …

“Come to me and be my muse
Come and be my lady fair,
I’ll give you sweet-meats of a plenty,
And a silver carriage too.
Write your odes and tell your tales …
Or surely I’ll behead you
You will be my own true love
Until you start to wither.”

Sweet was the thought
To find true love,
I would have heeded your mystic call,
Walk upon the silver shores
Of love. ..
Until I realized …
Ephemeral was your magic light.
Soon darkness would fill the sky again,
You could give me a single bright illusion
Impermanence and darkness
Are your reality.

So I walk under the sun instead,
Illusions are still aplenty …
But the colors of a morning garden
Give me far more satisfaction.

Cliff Garden

Cliff Garden by G.s.k

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge # 6 – “The Moon Garden”

The Café – (Zejel)

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Cafés like clock work pace the day
Though they be sunny or dark grey
Coffee ’til the aperitif!

Start the day at break of dawn
A brisk walk with a mighty yawn
Coffee on an inviting lawn
Begins the day with a leitmotif.

And when the luncheon hour comes near
A grilled sandwich with a light beer
Is right good any time of the year
(With cheese, prosciutto or roast beef.)

Evening, for the happy hour
Finds old friends under a bower …
Canapè, chips and wine devour,
Pre-dinner rites – mundane belief.



“The zejel is a Spanish verse form that pronounced “seh HELL”.

The zejel’s opening stanza presents the theme of the poem and is called the cabeza.  It is either a rhymed couplet (AA) or a rhymed tercet (AAA). Successive stanzas are quatrains built with a tercet (“mudanza”) and a single line (“vuelta”) that rhymes with the cabeza.

So… the rhyme scheme is either:

AA / BBBA / CCCA / DDDA / etc.


AAA / BBBA / CCCA / DDDA / etc.

Lines are usually 8 syllables long (mine are 10 syllables long).”

You can find this in “Blog it or Lose It’s” post (link below)…I did the 8 syllables, but I cheated as regards the first three rhymes…as this suited me better.

Today I read The Guitar Player by Blog it or Lose It a beautifully fun poem in the zejel form, which I’d never heard of…I also invited Oliana to come to a café with me…even if virtually…so two friends have inspired this little ditty, my first zejel! Thanks to you both!

In Italy the café is such an important part of social life, that the poor dears when they go to North America feel completely lost without them.  Even I, when I returned to visit felt kind of lost.

No fast food place can ever replace the café here in Italy, although MacDonald’s has added a café “surrogate” in all their restaurants!

McDonalds Padova

Haiga Practice – January 25, 2014

Haiga Practice:

Haiga one: Winter Haiga

Haiga one: Winter Haiga

winter morning
stark greetings contrasting
the rain stopped

Haiga Two:  haiga morn

Haiga Two: haiga morn

snowy mountain
stark greetings in contrast
the rain stopped

Processing some photos this morning, this one came up, originally like this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt didn’t have the haiku of course…I just didn’t want to remove it as I did the back step…so now you know that “snowy mountain” was the second edtition of the haiga 😉

But there was one passage after this before I decided on black and white and it was this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s what I did with an hour of my time this morning…and actually I guess the haiga isn’t even completed because I didn’t frame it!  Which of the four compositions said something to you (if any)?

Have a great day!  Bastet

Banish Boredom (A Silly Poem)

Banish Boredom

“Bash the dragon!”
cried the hero
wielding his mighty sword
running up along the fjord
shouting like a hurricane
“Yes bash out her silly brains!”

“Blast the hero!”
rejoined the dragon
spewing fire from her nostrils
lumbering down the hill
bellowing like a blizzard
“Blast the villan all to hell!”

They crash together
between up and down
bam! argh! crackle! swish!
scales fly into the air
metal melts and deforms
then a mighty voice came down
’twas the creator
or so they thought…
“Michael, turn that damn game off!
And the world went dark.

Written for dVerse!

Prompt #136


The air went out of the tire hissing
SSSSSsssssing, I tell you it went flat!
Without a warning, just like that ,
What could I do, I watched it sink!
As I stood outside my car in horror…
(Damn! I think I mumbled…)
It was a blessing that I was near the station
And that that man was so nice to run there for me…
He brought the air pump right to my car
SSssssssss he filled the tire right up!
Of course I couldn’t travel very far…
But I could get it to the repairmen down the road!
Who took off the tire and patched the great hole,
Removing a great rusty nail he’d found without trouble.
So now no SSSSSssssssssing was to be heard.
And I preceded to travel upon my daily rounds!

I think I’d lie to work a little more with onomatopoeic words.
This is a really fun prompt…which I came across at Poetic Bloomings...Have a go!

Sunday in Red

For today’s Sunday in Red…I played with bubbles!

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Today, I bought some bubbles and decided to have some fun!  This is one of my experiments for Sunday in Red!  Have a fun day!